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Posted: 19th February 2024

This week's theme is Children of Nature. Clockwise from upper left: A mesotherium, which is a cut-looking prairie-dog-like critter from the past, trying to be ferocious as it peers out of its den, a present-day corvid in a tree, a bluetit sitting on a branch and thinking about taking off, a snow-covered street in a Highland town, a cartoon dream in which a stick figure floats over William Blake's poem The Human Abstract, a frozen pond in Austria, an orange-and-white cat presenting a magnificent profile on the Editor's desk, which wasn't getting any work done because he's in front of the screen, and a decorated safari-type van in Mexico.

No Wolpertinger this week, but we do have strange sightings: early leprechauns in Paulh's trailer park (let him tell you about the blizzards of 1978), a weird tale of ecclesiastical mayhem, an annotated comic of yore, musical vandalism – and that's just the history part. Willem shows us some fascinating critters of yore, too.

Birds are doing things. So are cats. We've got photos. We've got video. You will be astonished.

We've asked for snow pictures. We got 'em, thanks to your efforts and those pesky weather patterns. Paigetheoracle had flooding one day and snow the next. Things are wild in the Highlands. Tavaron shows us some picture-perfect moments in Austria.

Meanwhile, the stories continue. Will the church survive the fête? Will Bluebottle come up with even worse jokes? In novellaland, has anybody seen Jack the Ripper yet? What are those wacky teenagers up to now? Is space colonisation epic and thrilling, or more like a particularly awful office meeting? Just how do you steal a whole state? How do you exorcise a Roman villa? How loud/messy/annoying is it? These and other questions you didn't know you had will be answered in this week's chapters.

Read, enjoy, leave nice comments, and share with your most casual acquaintances. Thanks and a hat tip to tech wizards Brian and Jim, who have taken a tour of the website and lived to tell the tale.

Have a good week, and remember: you do want to be the first in your neighbourhood to spot a robin/daffodil/crocus. Keep your cameras handy.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Twitter conversation of the week:

Garett Jones: Name other scholars beside Oppenheimer who spent their later years running away from their early work.

Alex Zawacki: Victor Frankenstein
A cross-country skier in a snow-covered landscape.

February 2024 Post Challenge:
The Unbearable Whiteness
of Snow

Video Extra:
Migratory Patterns (Scotland)
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(They Make Our Hearts Sing)

Bluetit Takeoff

Bluetit sitting on a branch and then taking off. By SashaQ.



Chapter 4
Life in the Fast Lane

Lives of the Gheorghenis by DG.


1978 Blizzards
Alberta spruces in snow, by Paulh.

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