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World of
The Paranormal

Welcome! World of the Paranormal has now, a slightly newer design smiley - smiley And I'm working around the Sound; please let me know if you use it to accompany your reading, as it would prove important to me in my improvement of the article.

You, fellow researcher, have found the aka's World of The Paranormal Archives page, where, You, The H2G2 Community can read over any of the Articles so far. The page has been split into two 'eras' which marks the point where aka's Haunted World became aka's World of the Paranormal.


  • 02.08.01 | Introduction; | The Very First Haunted World entry to the post
  • 09.08.01 | Issue One; | Timeslips 1- Involving a conversation between two people over more than 50 years!
  • 23.08.01 | Issue Two; | A Bumper Issue!!smiley - biggrin

    Story One:Timeslips 2- A Policeman encounters a Certain High street in the City Centre of 40 years before he originally set foot there one saturday afternoon.

    Story Two: A posessed computer wreaks havoc with people's minds in an architecht's office.
  • 30.08.01 | Issue Three; |
    The Spook Sound Window is introduced to add to the treat of... | A Bumper Issue!!smiley - biggrin

    Story One: OOBEs & NDEs 1 -Near Death Experiences 1-

    Story about "OOBEs" or Out of Body Experiences; A girl visits "haven" under the operations of a Suregeon.

    Story Two: OOBEs & NDEs 1 -Near Death Experiences 2-
    A Woman meets the Devil after a Dentist opted to use Gas and she fell unconsious into a NDE.
  • 06.09.01 | Issue Four; | The Terrible Tale of Helena Blundel-
    Helena the Irish - English 16 year old ghost; does she still haunt the old mill?
  • 04.10.01 | Issue Five; |
    After three weeks of outage, aka's Haunted World returns as promised to the topic of Near Death Experiences part one in this somewhat limited issue

  • 20.12.01 | Issue One; |
    The introduction for the New renamed re-motiffed World of the Paranormal. A Summary of what the new article will focus on, and how it has been bettered from the old Haunted World.
  • 27.12.01 | Issue Two; |
    This First 'Official' Issue of World of the Paranormal focusses on Premonitions and what their forms are. As it is the first Official Issue, only contains a story; Remember; For me to do anything with conversations and the like requires user input! smiley - winkeye - I really must stress how I want the new article to be better than Haunted World and I need your feedback and such!
  • 03.01.02 | Issue Three; |
    This week, a shorter Article than hoped for as connection troubles interfere, but never fear, there's always a way to get through everything; and I managed to get this to shazz smiley - smiley. This week's issue is a sort of pick a subject from the hat issue; The subject picked turns out to be Prophecies and there is a story about a prophecy of the Titanic and others made by a mysterious old woman, involving crystal balls, mirrors and the like.
  • 10.01.02 | Issue Four; |

    This is the Issue that I know you've been waiting for! As aka's World of the Paranormal finally gets the chance to show off with the reader input it had asked for and waited for the chance to use! Awix gives us the dirt on the Titanic and its alike sisters, I continue Issue Three's Story with a prologue - A Manuscript found by a Liverpool Paranormal Investigator and aside from all this and more, aka's World of the Paranormal gets a brand new logo... Well, it's the same one, it just looks compact and neater, that's all smiley - smiley
  • 17.01.02 | Issue Five; |
    This issue, we see FABT's Book report on The Ghost of Thomas Kempe, and ex - Rambling gives us her story which matches the Story in Issue Four of World of the Paranormal where an Ambulance Driver spoke with a casualty to be - when he was already dead.. A Confusing one, this... Along with lots of other stuff in this issue!
  • 24.01.02 | Issue Six; |

    In this week's, limited in content issue, Which was a little short of that content which could've been because I wasn't aware of how little feedback from readers I would receive - I couldn't find any in any forums or e-mail addresses for me this week, and so harrased the guide for entries and other paranormal - related things which I could find, and I ended up with two entries on Ghosts and explaining aspects of the paranormal using its brother and sister topics like DeJa Vu, some archived stories from Haunted World, and some additional information on Out of Body experiences, reaching to a story James Whale the radio presenter once told of his own personal experience.
  • 31.01.02 | Issue Seven; |

    Issue Seven, or my Thirteenth week at the post12 sees in even less research and time put into the article, but I do my best with what I can, and I managed to scrape together a somewhat big issue, which I especially wanted to celebrate the post's First Century of Issues smiley - cheers! This issue contains all kinds of stuff ranging from the do's and do not do's of Ouijia and What exactly a Ghost is, to a claimed interview over a séance with Frédéric Chopin the great french musician and Hypnosis.

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