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Last week's 'Bumper issue', I felt, was pretty good as an idea, so I'm trying another one to see how it works out. Yes, that's right, another two stories in one issue!

Are you a OOBE or a NDE Person? Well, Let me explain, as the initials OOBE and NDE, which may sound like some sort of awards ceremony, actually stand for Out-Of-Body-experiences and Near-Death-Experiences

As most people will know, the OOBE Is where one can leave their physical being and transport their spiritual self through any matter possible; even time. Please do not confuse the two! As the NDE is where one may be close to death, see what we commonly call, "The Afterlife" and then return to their physical self.

This story, the first of it's kind to Haunted World, is of the Near Death kind.

Our story begins in the Autumn of 1997. John, an army doctor, was posted to a small unit near the Himalayas. One of his first cases was a little girl of five years old, who seemed to have an advanced meningitis. The girl fell unconscious under his operation, and so he administered a respiratory stimulant to her mouth, but it didn't help and the girl's heart beat gradually slowed until it came to a sudden stop.

By now the understandably worried mother was sobbing, holding on to the child. About ten minutes later the doctor pulled her back from the child gently, but the mother quickly regained her grasp and poured the bottle containing the breathing stimulant into a plastic cup and tilting her daughter's head poured some into her mouth, Repeating, "Please come back" over and over again, in the hope that it would bring her child back to physical life. John was very angry at this and pulled the mother away again.

The girl's eyelids flickered and she awoke, having been unconscious with a still heart and no breathing for 15 minutes. When brought around properly, she reported to the two adults she had just visited a place called 'Haven'. She continued on to say that to get there, she travelled through a black space and white, bright stars to get there, until the dark eventually turned to a friendly welcoming white light1. In the girl's own description, Haven had strange flowers and trees that glowed. The grass also gave off a greenish light. She said she had met people who had been dead for thousands of years and also had a chat with her 'Gran' who had died seven years before the girl's birth. She spoke of a man who called himself 'Playtoe' (Plato the philosopher, we assume) who had a droopy moustache. The Girl claims to have met 'Godde' who she describes as funny, blue, 'like the sky when the clouds go home', warm and friendly with no face. Then she remembered being told something by 'Godde' and being somehow pulled backwards as she heard her mother's call, and then the next thing she remembers, in her own words was being 'back at the Doctor's house'.

After the experience, the girl suddenly developed an ability do draw and crayon complex images of this place called 'Haven', and the people that she had met there. Perhaps when she is older, we will finally see what heaven, or 'haven' actually looks like.

Still skeptical? Try this one on for size... Not ALL Near Death Experiences are about God, meeting brilliantly friendly 'dead' people and clear white lights... This next one tells of one person who met... THE DEVIL.

This story is about a woman in the early '90's having dental treatment, and because of the difficulty of the procedure, the dentist opted to use gas. Ten minutes into the treatment, the surgeon noticed the woman's pulse had stopped. The dentist frantically tried to revive the woman whilst the assisting nurse called for an ambulance. By the time the ambulance arrived, the woman's heart had regained its healthy regular beat, and the woman had a strange tale to tell...

Now, Before I unravel this mysterious NDE Case to you all, Post readers, be told, that the woman had no religious or otherwise faith in any 'After life' of any kind. Can I also warn younger researchers may find this disturbing (Maybe)

The Woman reported that during her period of unconsciousness, when her heart had stopped, she had escaped the strong clutches of The Devil. A Large Black smoky hand had grasped her round the throat and she could feel her head slowly becoming its own, apart from her body. The same black hand then pulled her down by her throat into a large black pit with what she could only describe as 'Lost souls', which she says she got from a horror movie she once saw, trying to escape the misty pits of hell.

She describes the 'lost Souls' as black-smoke coloured beings grasping with their flailing two-fingered hands at the edge of the pit, as others given an energy burst managed to clamber above onto those already at the top, only to be grabbed down again by one of the flaming tails belonging to what she describes as 'satan'.

She remembers being dragged down past that pit into an eerie black space of darkness when she heard a deafening loud explosion which drowned out wailing voices, accompanied by a flame ball which came racing down the black hole she appeared to be in. Just as the flame touched her fingers, she awoke - she had been brought around by the ambulance crew, and later on, when she was examined in hospital, three of her fingers on her right hand were found to have been burnt in what class of burn only comes from flames as strong as those in an engulfed house fire, according to medical experts.

The Fire was REAL!

Notice: From this point we get our information from the witness about to enter the story in this paragraph (In case any skeptics want to prove this story wrong)

Two days later, she came across a man dressed in a 'Dick Tracy' outfit2. Probably to hide the man's face and to retain his anonymity. As she walked further along her journey, She froze in horror. There was a metal baton in his hand, and when he was close enough to her, he struck her with the baton, knocking her to the cold concrete ground.

A man on the other side of the roadside3 witnessed the attack and ran across to see what had happened, regardless of his own safety, only to find the woman was dead.

Until, that is, the costumed man passed along the street and turned the corner out of sight, when she moved her head. Her face was pale, her fingers were jet black. She looked at the man with her now red pupils and the stranger jumped back in shock, and the woman, glaring at him with her big red eyes, was taken away with the wind.

The Man has been since attacked in his home with no sign of any break-in, according to police, no injuries, according to medical experts and is pretty healthy... Physically.
He now spends his life in a mental health unit with round the clock care, which he believes to be un-necessary.
You don't have to believe this story, in fact, I don't think I believe it in its entirety, but you make your own decision; I'm still making mine.
Past issues are now available Here.Any stories you may have, interesting links, information or anything you feel fitting to Haunted World to be submitted to the box below please. Thanks.

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1Cliché, I know..But if you're still reading this you can't be a total skeptic, now, can you... Can you?2As our new source describes3Our 'new source'

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