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  • 12.07.01

    An issue devoted, in part, to the recent h2g2 Summer Meet.

    Abi, Galaxy Babe and Frankie all report on the fun and games involved.

    Fragilis continues her look at sexuality by posing 'Embarrasing Questions' and Kenrick

    introduces the h2g2 Prayer Room.

    Vegiman speculates on the extremely unlikely possibility of having to pay for h2g2 whereas

    Pastey looks at internet shopping.

    Wowbagger introduces the BFG's, Frankie interviews Ottox, Prof answers more questions

    but Greebo is missing.

    Ormy is in the thick of things,Abi contemplates defeat and TP introduces 'The Big Bandwagon'.

  • 19.07.01

    Yet another writer as Elly introduces herself in readiness for her fortnightly column.

    The Big Bandwagon starts as seven hapless volunteers lock themselves away from the community.

    We encounter Leprechauns and Hugs, Endless Loops and Radiohead.

    Ming Mang gets the Frankie treatment, Greebo returns and Prof, Ormy and Fragilis are still going strong.

    Wowbagger re-runs an old favourite, a guest writer features in 'This Sporting Life' and Smokers are defended.

    More tales from the Summer Meet, news of the Scottish one, a new subscription service and news

    of a new h2g2 version.

    Make a large pot of tea!

  • 26.07.01

    The Big Bandwagon sees the voting-off of two participants and the results of the first tasks.

    Uncle Heavy goes dancing and Coelacanth goes jumping.

    Yossarian Prefect starts his epic tale of Redemption whilst DoctorMO tells of magic on h2g2.

    We welcome Grandad Ugg to the fold as Agony Uncle.

    All the regulars are represented apart from Frankie who is on vacation.

  • 02.08.01

    This edition sees two reports about The Scottish Meet, Summer 2001.

    Two more contestants pack their bags and leave the Bandwagon House.

    Bluebottle takes us sailing and Pierce takes us pirating.

    aka warns of his intention to haunt, whilst Truck Driver challenges us to try our luck.

    Wowbagger gets chatted-up online and Lady Elly continues her fortnightly column.

    Fragilis, Greebo and Frankie all take a break, but there is still plenty of reading for you.

  • 09.08.01

    Wowbagger's friend has password problems this week as a smaller edition hits the stand.

    The Big Bandwagon draws to a close. A winner is announced, but ALL participants were winners really!

    Swiv reviews the book and the film of 'The Last of the Mohicans'.

    aka tells his first haunting tale, 'Redemption' reaches the third installment and 'IMWRS' tackles Bio Warfare.

    'Ask Prof' goes from strength to strength but Abi mourns the state of English cricket.

  • 16.08.01

    Ormondroyd has immense fun with the forthcoming election for the new leader of the British Conservative Party.

    Wowbagger pokes fun at the interpretation of what is 'hot' weather and what is not.

    LA Confidential comes under the scrutiny of Swiv... does the film compare to the book?

    'IMWRS' looks at 'blame' and so, to a certain degree, does Yossarian Prefect.

    Abi goes racing, the Aussies plan a few Meets and Munchkin goes to the States.

    The Post introduces its new 'Links' Page and PSG calls for help with his card games project.

  • 23.08.01

    Donald Woods, a great campaigner for anti-apartheid, sadly dies this week.

    Demon Drawer, who knew him personally, and Ormondroyd, both pay tribute in this edition.

    Wowbagger looks at 'moderation' whilst aka scares us with more ghostly tales.

    Swiv tackles 'The Handmaids Tale' and awix reviews 'Planet of the Apes'.

    Aaron O'Keefe remembers his first love and Grandad Ugg solves his first agony problem.

    Dr Munchkin relates more about his trip to the USA and Abi celebrates a rare England cricket win .

    Smart Tags are examined and Dr Who fans are given a rare treat.

  • 30.08.01

    Another h2g2 Meet has come and gone. Read all about the 'Late Summer Radish'.

    Ormondroyd has found more interesting tales to tell in this week's 'Notes' and Bluebottle with his

    'So Long...' link takes us to some very funny university courses.

    Wowbagger is drowning in a sea of goo, whilst Swiv tries out a Clockwork Orange.

    On a more serious note the policies of both state and church are questioned and

    Deakie presents an in-depth study of Mental Health.

    Colonel Sellers has trouble with officialdom whereas Aaron O'Keefe waxes poetical.

    Abi takes a break this week, but 'Ask Prof' returns and so do Greebo and Yossarian.

    aka relates more spooky tales and Munchkin ends his American Tale .

  • 06.09.01

    We welcome a new Cartoonist to The Post as Spimcoot starts his 'Paper Cuts'.

    Meanwhile, Wowbagger has cat touble... again!

    Bluebottle sails us into the sunset and DAS goes to the Reading Festival.

    Swiv reviews the book and film of The Maltese Falcon and we learn all about 'Bob' and 'Balwyniti.

    Ormondroyd is on top form as ever, aka continues to haunt us, Frankie interviews Bob and Elly and MaW begins his new column.

    Demon Drawer suggests a good cause, Prof examines electricity, Abi the final test and Aaron dating rules.

    Greebo poses another big one and finds some interesting pet statistics.

  • 13.09.01

    A sad edition as all of h2g2 are stunned by the events in the USA on the 11th September.

    We have items from those we were worried about and some of our regulars express their feelings.

    Links are also provided to places on h2g2 to go for solace and peace.

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