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Greetings, Researchers, I Think an explanation is in order here, though I dare not go into the word-unworthy explanation Which the sane people of the world have seen and been terribly shocked at. But that aside, I was without h2g2 access for the other week, so on the thursday of 27th, I Went to submit this issue of Haunted World to Shazz, when Much to my shock, she had reported in last week's post (which I had totally skipped past for some reason; maybe that was a lated addition?smiley - erm), and so this week's Haunted World is 3 weeks overdue! Also last week the whole post had an outage with the assumed illness of shazz smiley - sadface
So without further a do, Haunted World was temporarily Terminated from The Post as a mark of Respect, but as promised 3 weeks back now, We return to our Topic on OOBEs and NDEs; Out of body experiences and Near Death Encounters. This week we start on The Near Death Experiences.

In This story, we see a young boy of twelve years encounter death and return to his physical body.

Back in the early 1970's, a twelve year old named David was knocked down by a car and rushed to hospital where the doctors fought what seemed like a losing battle in order to keep david living. Eventually, the boy gave up, and didn't regain consciousness. According to the EEG1 machine, and he had no pulse. There were absolutely no signs of life to be seen whatsoever. The boy's corpse was wheeled out of theatre into a small room and tagged with a number, while the nurse went to break the news to David's parents.

A Half - hour later passed, and The nurse was horrified to find David sitting up on the bed.
"I Want my mum"
, He said2. Seconds later, a Medical Crew rushed into the room, and examined David, completely speechless to why David had shown no sign of life with complicated machinery and technology half an hour ago but now was full of life!

That night, David explained to his parent's that when he died, he ahd found himself in darkness. A lot of faces of people he knew who had "Passed on" came around to him, Laughing and jeering. He recognised one of them as his best friend, Philip, who had died during an operation after He had His car accident; this time, Philip was In a car.
"Don't scare him, he's just come over", he heard Philip say.
"He's my friend."

Then He heard Philip say,
"David, please pray for me and remember me when you go back, and tell Mum that Auntie Sylvia is with me."

Suddenly, a blidning light shone down on the crowd, and all the laughing faces and figures scattered all over the place David found himself in.

According to David's story, this was all vividly clear and still is, up to the moment where they scattered around, where the darkness began to grow in, and he awoke, in the small room, tagged, on the hard cold metal bed.

When Philip's parents were told That Syliva was with her late son, she wept. She'd told nobody about the sister that had taken her into care at age five. All her life she'd wondered what had become of her long-lost sister; and now she found out. David's parents went to church each week and as per David's Request. Prayed.

And we will continue next week on NDEs as we did OOBEs, with another Haunted World story for you!

Past issues are now available Here.Any stories you may have, intersting links, information or anything you feel fitting to Haunted World to be submitted to the box below please. Thanks.

Please replace this with your info for Haunted World and then...


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1A graphic record of the electrical activity of the brain as recorded by an electroencephalograph. Also called encephalogram.2Mum is British English for 'mom', just for confusion.

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