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I couldn't find much reader input threads for this week, so it's a little haunted-world-esque... If you submitted to a different forum to the one embedded at the bottom of this page, then don't worry - Just drop me a note and I'll include it in the next issue, which will then be a bumper issue!

Here I sit again at my desk - cup of coffee at my side, notes at my other, brain, apparently, in gear, all set and ready to go...


This issue is terribly short this week - due to little feedback. If you have the slightest thing you wouldn't dare talk about concerning other articles, people, things or subjects, but seem fitting here, then Please- Feel Free! Click here to post it!I have managed to find a good amount of reading though, although not my own work, They make for very good reading...


The rest from here, this week, turns out that it has to be archived stories. Sorry about this, I think that I was overestimating the reader input I was getting at an alarming rate, I didn't realise it was a start-off-burst! I'll continue to add more research into future articles, and I hope that you, readers, will drop me a note if you manage to come across anything on your travels, or feel that something featured in an issue has sparked something in you.

Story one : Time-slips, Part Two

'Time is the perfect murderer. It kills several every second, over 30,000 worldwide. People often talk of killing time but, ironically, it is the other way round'.

The following is a story from the mouth of a Merseyside Policeman who inadvertedly travelled back in time when he was off-duty in July of 1996 in Liverpool City Centre's Bold Street area.

Frank, the policeman in question, and his wife, Carol, were in Liverpool one sunny Saturday afternoon shopping. At Central Station, the pair split up; Carol went to Dillons Bookshop to buy a copy of Irvine Welsh's 'Trainspotting'. Frank went to HMV to look for a CD he wanted.Twenty minutes into his short stroll to the music shop, he walked up the incline near the Lyceum Post Office/Café building which leads onto Bold Street intending to meet up with his wife, when he suddenly noticed he had somehow entered an oasis of quietness.

Suddenly, a small boxvan that looked like something out of the 1950's sped across his path, honking its horn as it narrowly missed him. Frank noticed the name on the van's side. 'Caplan's'. When he looked down, the confused policeman looked at his shoes to see he was standing in the road. Frank crossed the road and saw that 'Dillons Book Store' now had 'Cripps' over its entrances. More confused he looked in to see not books, but womens' handbags and shoes.

When he looked around, Frank realised people were dressed like those from the 1940's. Suddenly he spotted a young girl in her early 20's dressed in a lime coloured sleevless top. The handbag she was carrying had a popular brand name on it, which reassured the policeman that maybe he was still partly in 19961. It was a Paradox2, but the policeman was slightly relieved, and he smiled at the girl as she walked past him and entered 'Cripps'.

As he followed her, the whole interior of the building completely changed in a flash to that of Dillons Bookshop of 1996. As she was leaving 'Cripps', Frank lightly grasped the girls' arm to attract attention and said;
'Did you see that?'

She replied;
'Yeah! I thought it was a clothes shop- I was going to look around, But it's a bookshop.'

It has been recently proved that 'Cripps' and 'Caplan's' were actual businesses based in Liverpool during the 1950's.

Another related case of a timeslip is from a construction worker on the renovation of the Lyceum Building. He put down his helmet for a second and then it was gone, with nobody within fifty feet of him! He also noted that his DIGITAL3 watch had gone back two hours!

Watch your computer! It may be haunted!

Nearly all industry relies on computers of some sort to do their work. The computer is a revolution - if you want to get somewhere in life, get a computer! Everyone is using them now, - even Ghosts, it would seem.

In May 1988 Alice, a cleaner working in an architect's office, was about to start her shift when she noticed one of the staff computers had been left switched on. She didn't know much herself about computers, but knew it was on from the flickering screen. She stepped closer to the flickering screen but realised it wasn't part of her job and if she switched it off, she may get in trouble as unsaved information might be on there.

The next night she noticed that the same computer still with the same flickering screen was on again, but still ignored it. She made a mental note to ask a higher staff member, when she could, if there was any reason for its late night activity. When she asked Rob, an architect who worked there, he replied that it shouldn't be on. All computers and machinery are shut off after work. The only electricity being used should be the lights and vacuum cleaners!

So, Alice the cleaner remembered what Rob had told her as she went about her nightly cleaning work and, as she came up to room 1b, the office where the computer was, she walked in and reached for the plug. She went to switch it off by the mains but... there was no plug inserted! That was the only wall socket in the small office, so she followed the cords from the back. There was one leading to the keyboard, one leading to the printer and when she eventually found the thick black mains cord, she followed the cable to the mains plug. She startingly came across the machine's plug... not in the mains socket! Confused, she made another mental note to ask about this strange machine.

She made her way for the door and, looking back, she noticed a typed message on the screen, 'Hello'. Now she was even more confused, thinking she must be dreaming, but tripped by the mop bucket and felt it, so she assured herself she wasn't. The next day at closing time, she bumped into Rob, about to leave the building, when she remembered what had happened. She told him
'I Don't know much about computers myself, but I know they're not meant to work when they're switched off!'

Confused, Rob asked what she was referring to, so she explained what happened the last night with the computer in office 1b. He told her this shouldn't Happen; she was right, so he stayed back and watched the computer, and was startled to find that at precisely 9:18PM on May 11th 1988, the screen flicked itself on and displayed this message: 'Thou!'.

This made Rob sit up from his coffee and pay more attention to the computer. 'Thou!' it repeated. Suddenly, it changed its 'tune'...
'Thou hathe comited a grate cryme.'

Confused, Rob wondered what it meant.
'Thou art a godly man who hathe fanciful woman'

Rob smiled.
...'Who Dwelth in myne home'

it continued.
'twas a grate cryme to hathe stolen myne home'

So, just think next time you wonder why Does that monitor light stay on for just a few seconds long after I switch off my computer by the mains?...

True Story.

On a related note...

Ming Mang told me this little story once told about what the previous tale explores...

'It randomly switches itself on and off. Even if you switch it off it switches itself on again. Sometimes the on/off button works, and sometimes it doesn't.

I pulled out the power cable once, but that didn't stop the monitor, until I pulled out it's cable as well'

An anonymous contributor

This OOBE story sent in from an anonymous reader - I think they might think we'll laugh at them if we find who it is.. We wouldn't do that, honest!
smiley - laughsmiley - winkeye - Actually, I don't think we would.. I wouldn't anyway - I'd be intrigued!

'Not much really. Just every so often I'd sort of half realise I was above 'me'. Usually about 2 metres, regardless of things like ceilings. I'd be looking at myself. It happened when I was very relaxed, and generally happy. Thinking back on it I never saw my eyes. And after I told someone about it (the first lesson we had on Death and NDEs in PSE) because I'd realised not everyone had this, it never happened again.'


I'm giving James Whale4 a little too much publicity than I'd like, but his account of an Out of Body experience is a little like that as I recall...

'I remember just sitting back, a little tired, just wandering off to sleep, and I just seem to feel like getting up out of my Chair. I didn't want to move, so I think my body made itself rise somehow. I thought I was just relaxing due to the hard day I'd had, which might still be the case, I'm not saying this to prove either way is right.

I remember rising up, after that, looking down on my body, and then suddenly, I was going through the ceiling, and I saw the pipework of the building and all sorts, when I suddenly banged my head on something hard, metal and sharp, and I fell at an alarming rate back into my body.'
- This was a short while before James found out he had cancer of the kidney, which, we're glad to say, hasn't stopped him living his life the way he has done prior to his discovery. smiley - smiley

An Appeal for Wisdom

Your mind is the most wise part of you, especially when you consider the things it can do for you. What your sub-conscious or unconscious mind can do when you're asleep is more imaginative and surreal, shall we say, than what the most surreal, vivid writer can come up with when fueled on the best thinking food and fully awake!

It is now, that I ask you, reader to give me a short summary of one of your dreams - don't be simple - the weirder the better. If you have a particularly weird dream you'd want to see analysed anyway, then I'd recommend submitting that one Here. I want to know what you dream about, and I will analyse your dream for you. I am planning to write an article on dreaming, and the analysis of them. If you have, say, a Degree in Psychology for instance smiley - biggrin and would like to help or add your own piece of wisdom to the entry and my own knowledge - Go ahead, please, do! smiley - smiley

All input greatly appreciated (and as a little incentive - your name will show up in the 'Written and Researched by' column at the right of the entry when and if it is edited. Also it will appear in the Edited entries section on your personal space! smiley - winkeye

Past issues are now available Here.

Any stories you may have, Clubs, Societies, interesting links, information or otherwise anything you feel fitting to 'World of the Paranormal' to be submitted to the box below please. Thanks.

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1This story is from 1996.2Paradox; being of illusional nature.3HithchHiker Fans Rejoice! smiley - biggrin4A Radio Presenter.. not the deceased director.

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