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Now, I promised a story of the paranormal in my own words in 'next week's Post' Last Week. I now make another 'promise': you may not find a Haunted World story particularly scary!

The Following may seem like
something from The Twilight Zone, but I have heard other similar cases.

Alma, a woman in her sixties from
Briston, Birkenhead, tried to call her sister (It is worth noting the sister's husband had died recently), who resided in Frodsham, Cheshire. Alma had evidently dialled a wrong digit somewhere, or so she thought- due to her stabbing arthritis in her fingers- as a man's voice answered.

The Loud Booming Voice said;
'Captain Hamilton'

prompting Alma to respond.

Alma asked for her sister but the man replied;
'This is not a civilian
number. Who are you?'

Alma gave her name, and
as she did, she heard the chilling sound of an air-raid siren.

'Sounds like World War Two there!'

Alma joked.

There was a pause, and then 'Captain Hamilton' replied;
'What are you talking about?'

'The siren. Sounds like there's a war still on!'

Alma Said, poised to hang up.
'Of course there's a war still on. Where did you get this number from?'

Hamilton replied.

'The War ended Years ago! In 1945!'

said Alma, laughing slightly, suspecting to be the victim of a hidden camera show or Radio Show wind-up.

Hamilton and an associate whispered amongst
each other; Alma was ready to hang up again, when Hamilton said in a stricter
'It isn't 1945 yet. If we trace you, you'll be thrown into prison for this
lark, you know.'

'Eh?! It's past 1945! The war's been over for years!'
Alma laughed, even more suspicious.
'We'll deal with you later'

threatened Hamilton;
'Dont you worry!'

and he slammed down the phone.

Alma never knew if she had been the victim of an elaborate hoax or whether she had really been talking
to someone named Captain Hamilton from over 40 years ago.

This story, along with next week's planned story, brings a thought-provoking remark to mind which Albert
Einstein once made;

"What does
a fish know about the water
in which he swims all his life?"


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