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Greetings! smiley - smiley

Welcome, to this issue - a milestone in h2g2 Post history - for this issue of World of the Paranormal marks the week in the h2g2 Post that it starts to begin reaching its real reason for being changed from Haunted World about a month ago! This week I actually get to use reader input and my connection, touch wood smiley - erm, is fantastic. At the time of writing, I have a day to go before the deadline for Post articles and nothing in my mental noted 'to do' pile... except to maybe make a 'to do' pile smiley -

This issue I finish off last week's small story on prophecies with a little, recently unknown, fact which I'd missed last week smiley - yikes, and bring you another last story on prophecies just because I like you all so much smiley - smiley. Also, as I said before, I get to use reader input in this issue, and lots of that kind of caper going on here too! Don't forget that I'm massively open to ideas and feedback, interesting facts or just general chatting about your favourite aspect of 'The Unknown'... I'm especially looking for skeptics to talk to - I think the best talk you can have about the unknown is not talking to fellow believers or agnostics slightly on the positive side1 but is actually to unbelievably Skeptical cynics... though I don't think there are any cynics on h2g2...

But first...

Here is a little (un)known fact about Last Week's Issue. According to a manuscript and a Paranormal Investigator named Thomas Slemen, an Irish woman, and sister-in-law of the German Dictator, Adolf Hitler.

In the manuscript, Mr. Slemen claims that, according to Alois, Adolf's half-brother, in the November of 1912, 23-year-old Adolf turned up unexpectedly at a nearby train station, where Bridget and Alois were expecting to meet Anton Roubel, another relative. But Adolf arrived instead, saying he'd made the journey to avoid being drafted into the German Army. Alois and Bridget gave him refuge in their home. At this time, the area they lived in was a work-seeking German Immigrant magnet.

As time went by, he soon wore out his welcome as a lodger and Alois accused him of being work-shy. Bridget tried to teach him to speak English, but very quickly tired of his superiority complex, so he was left to his own devices once again. However, there was one person recorded in the manuscript who was on extremely good terms with Adolf - a Mrs. Prentice - said to be a neighbour of Bridget's.2.

Mrs. Prentice is descibed as an astrologer who gave tarot card readings to anyone interested in having their fortune told. Adolf was apparently fascinated by her talents and, in the manuscript, Bridget Hitler says that she thinks Mrs. Prentice converted Adolf into becoming a strong believer in Astrology.


I asked for Reader Input and I got it smiley - smiley. It just proves you can get what you want if you beg hard enough smiley - biggrin. This section thanks to Awix

'You may already have heard about this, but in 1898 an American novelist named Morgan Robertson wrote a story about an ocean liner, supposedly the world's safest, which hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage and sank with great loss of life - due to a shortage of lifeboats.'

says Awix.

If you think that's strange, read on, as Awix continues...
'In the novel, the liner's name was the 'SS Titan'.

We're not done with this just yet... As Awix carries on...
'...and in 1935 a freighter named the Titanian was crossing the north Atlantic when one of the crewmen had a sudden sense of danger. He warned the bridge of danger ahead and, as the ship slowed, an iceberg appeared dead ahead. The Titanian struck it but did not sink.'

So, happening twice is one thing... but three times? Coincidence? Or some other more interesting phenomenom or explanation behind this?

Awix finishes this message with a little footnote stating that the crewman who had the premonition was born in 1912 - more specifically, on the 14th April - the day the Titanic sank.

Hey! Another Arian! smiley - cool I've always said we're a little more psychic than the other astrological signs of the zodiac. smiley - biggrin Also, our leading planet is Mars - the planet of Communication, so need I say more? smiley - winkeye.

One more story...

I tell you of one story that has been circulated around my own City, but I will remove any local-isms that have turned this into a prejudiced story, or risk it being thought of as 'Urban Myth', if you will...

This weird incident, apparently took place in a brand new Hospital in the early 1980's...

A man came into Casualty with a badly bruised forehead and bloodied nose. He said he had just been in a car accident and felt very strange. According to my source3, his actual words were,
'Help me please'

followed by stuttering and murmuring and,
'I feel as though I am dead.'

The nurse on reception sat him down and told him to take off his jacket, but he wouldn't, being too busy trying to take his own pulse. Then he said,
'I Knew it! No Pulse!!'

The nurse calmed him down and attempted to take his pulse from the left wrist, thinking he must be drunk and incapable of taking his own pulse. After several minutes she found that wherever she tried she couldn't find a pulse. This obviously shocked her. The man got up from the plastic waiting room chair and casually walked outside, only just missing the automatic doors from catching him in the door as they slammed shut, ignorant of his apparent existence.

He said (to an ambulance man who was locking his ambulance and about to set off home);
'I feel as though I am dead and the whole world died with me"'.

in a psychotic way then, looking anxiously to his left and right, suddenly ran off.

The ambulance man dismissed him as being a drunken fool, and smiled to himself before abruptly taking a sharp look around to the sound of a lorry sounding its horn as it raced towards the man running across the road in his psychotic rampage. The ambulance man rushed to the scene, but was surprised to find that when he got to the roadside there was no lorry, no man, no blood, or any evidence of anything happening. It had been a long night, this ambulance driver reported.

'I thought it must be overwork-related hallucinations, and just dissmissed anything out of the blue that happened that night, but I am unsure of what to think of what happened next...'

What actually happened next was this; Just as the ambulance driver was about to clock off from his shift, looking forward to a nice long, well-deserved sleep, he was called to the scene of a road accident about 5 miles away, where a man identical to the man he'd dissmissed as a drunken fool earlier, had been hit by a freight lorry on a busy road, the driver had just ignored the man and drove off, said one onlooker.

An Appeal for Wisdom

Your mind is the most wise part of you, especially when you consider the things it can do for you. What your sub-conscious or unconscious mind can do when you're asleep is more imaginative and surreal, shall we say, than what the most surreal, vivid writer can come up with when fueled on the best thinking food and fully awake!

It is now, that I ask you, reader to give me a short summary of one of your dreams - don't be simple - the weirder the better. If you have a particularly weird dream you'd want to see analysed anyway, then I'd recommend submitting that one Here. I want to know what you dream about, and I will analyse your dream for you. I am planning to write an article on dreaming, and the analysis of them. If you have, say, a Degree in Psychology for instance smiley - biggrin and would like to help or add your own piece of wisdom to the entry and my own knowledge - Go ahead, please, do! smiley - smiley

All input greatly appreciated (and as a little incentive - your name will show up in the 'Written and Researched by' column at the right of the entry when and if it is edited. Also it will appear in the Edited entries section on your personal space! smiley - winkeye

I would also like to note - you're not used to World of the Paranormal being so long, I gather? Expect more articles like this - fuller and more to them than ever before guaranteed! smiley - smiley

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Any Information, or stories you may have, Clubs, Societies, interesting links, you may know of, or otherwise anything you feel fitting to 'World of the Paranormal' to be submitted to the box below please. Thanks.

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1Let's face it - an Agnostic is someone who isn't really bothered which way an idea is proved, though believes more in one, but just in case of a little social trouble 'down the pub' says they're an agnostic. smiley - winkeye2Bells should be ringing about that name if you've read Last week's Article!3A friend who e-mailed me

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