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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope that this year will hold more good than the last one did, but hey, we'll leave the current events up to Ormy smiley - smiley

First, Can I first give my apologies for another short entry. Due to complications, my ISP (Ooh! Don't we love them eh?) decided it was time for an upgrade of their servers and such, and went about informing everybody in rather the same fashion as Prosser did in warning Arthur about the Bypass, in The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Only this time, they didn't post their notice in a locked filing cabinet in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the Leopard', deep in a cellar with no stairs or lights. Oh no! Much worse; They cut everyone off- That is, removed their Dial Tone... They tell me it won't take much longer (after the technicians get over their hangovers) and that they will actually get around to plugging everyone back in. As soon as I get to use my regular Connection and not an extension lead into my normal phone line, I will let you all know. smiley - cheerup

Last week, we started on Premonitions. smiley - ghost Now, seeing as I've not been able to check my feedback, I'm afraid its another issue of stories about a specific topic this week - and as I flick through my notes, I look for a good smiley - ghost Spooky or otherwise interesting Something to tell a story on smiley - smiley

And the winner is...

(which almost comes into the category of Premonitions)

This story of prophecy has been circulated quite a lot, but let me know if you've heard a different version somewhere..

It is the Night of 14th April, 1912; the night the Titanic made its Maiden Voyage and struck an Iceberg in the North Atlantic and sunk with the loss of over 1000 lives.

Everyone who heard of the news, relatives of those who perished in the disaster especially, were quite shocked and very saddened, understandably1.

One person who wasn't particularly shocked, though, was a Mrs Prentice, an older woman who was regarded by her neighbours as something of an eccentric; she always wore out of date clothes, and her curtains were always drawn. It was rumoured that she dabbled in the occult, and some true 'Superstitious People' even suspected her of Witchcraft.

One of the few friends Mrs Prentice had was a certain Mary Orme, a Widow. A few months before the Titanic made its maiden Voyage, She told Mrs Prentice that her daughter would be emigrating to the US, and she would be a passenger on board a luxurious White liner:
'She'll be one of those new luxury ships, you know!'
She'd told her.

Mrs Prentice asked, a little shocked.
Yes! I wouldn't really approve of her going by ship, but she's so stubborn about moving to the states.'

she added.

Mrs Prentice smiled in agreement.

she continued,
'They say its 'Unsinkable', so that's a little reassuring.'

At that moment, Mrs Prentice's Face turned white.
'Tell me, Mary'

she started,
'What is the name of this luxury ship?''It's called the Titan, or something like that...'

Mrs Prentice interrupted.
'Yes! Yes, That's it!'

Mary exclaimed.

Mrs Prentice pleaded with her friend to make Grace, her daughter, cancel the booking at once.

Trusting Mrs Prentice with the gift of 'second sight', or the 'sixth sense', call it what you will, she forced Grace, her daughter, to cancel the booking.

Two Weeks before The Titanic was set to sail to America, Mrs Prentice became ill, so much so that she was bed-ridden. As Mrs Prentice had no next-of-kin, she was looked after by Mrs Orme and her daughter, Grace.

When April 12th came, and the news got out of the unsinkable ship being sunk, Grace shuddered and almost fainted.

One night, whilst tending to Mrs Prentice, Grace became tired of sitting at the old psychic's bedside, who now seemed unconscious, and went on a self-guided tour of the house. In an upstairs room, she saw a crystal ball on the table which was covered in astrological charts of some kind. Grace sat herself down at the table and stared deep into the ball. After a while, disappointed that nothing had happened, she got up and decided to have a look around the bookcases, but later dismissed them as confusing.

Grace was about to leave the room when she noticed a reversed oval shaped picture hanging on the wall. Grace was curious and turned the picture frame around. She saw it wasn't a photo at all, but a mirror. Puzzled, she looked at her reflection for a moment then saw a dark shape glide across the glass, which startled her.

Seconds later, the face of a man wearing a white tin hat appeared in the mirror. This apparition really frightened Grace, and she took a few steps back. The man's face in the mirror seemed to be talking; his mouth was moving but she heared no sound. Suddenly, what Grace saw in the Mirror next sent her running out of the house.

When Grace arrived home in a state, Mrs Orme thought Mrs Prentice had died, but Grace told her about the apparitions in the mirror. Mary was stern faced at her daughter's prying around in the psychic's house, and sharply told her she was overtired and imagining things.

Not long afterwards, Mrs Prentice passed away and a couple of years later, the Ormes moved house, and bought a small grocery shop. During the Blitz of 1941, Mrs Orme and her daughter were sheltering in the cellar of the shop during an air-raid, when the shop above them was demolished by an air-raid.

Afterwards, when the second air raid siren sounded as an 'all clear', Grace regained consciousness, and found herself being pulled out of the rubble. The face of the air raid looked familiar to her. Then, as her face turned even whiter with more shock, she realised the man's face she had seen in the mirror matched that of the raid warden's.

When asked where her mother was, the warden replied that she was dead.

Was This what she had seen in the mirror?

Again, I apologize, but this issue being published is a last minute thing; if I had realised I could make some way of a connection earlier, I would've spent a lot longer on this issue, and here's hoping that Blueyonder Technical Staff are over their hangovers by next week's article writing time. smiley - smiley

Past issues are now available Here.

Any stories you may have, Clubs, Societies, interesting links, information or otherwise anything you feel fitting to 'World of the Paranormal' to be submitted to the box below please. Thanks.

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1If this is spelt wrong, Blame SpellCheck - It looks like there should be an E in there before the Y, but SpellCheck says so...

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