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A Poem about Peer Review

To the tune of 'Going Underground' by The Jam

Some people might like to lurk on a PS

Or may debate a matter with finesse,

Some guys like to go and Ask Hootoo,

But I'm not sure that I'm quite like you, because

I read the entries through,

Post comments, give help to you.

Sometimes you reply 'I'll fix that now smiley - smiley'

But other times that is not how

you respond to me, and I'll tell you now

That Peer Review can be a right old pain,

When a newbie posts then disappears again...

I'm in Peer Review

I seem to live here on hootoo

I'm in Peer Review

I live here and I do work just for you

It is nice to see a good entry,

I never knew 'bout biochemistry smiley - smiley,

But when you see one that's about 'the earth'.

You reply 'that's nice' then throw it in the Firth

Of Unused Articles

They can all seem fungible...

You smile at everyone you meet

While newbies tread upon your feet

If they'd read the guidelines, 'twould be a treat

But I really cannot complain

What if I were a newbie again...

I'm in Peer Review

I seem to live here on hootoo

I'm in Peer Review

I live here and I do work just for you

La La La La

La La La La

The threads get full of the usual chat,

I think that I'm most guilty of that,

But the time when it gets really bad is when we make the newbies sad smiley - sadface

I'm in Peer Review

Think I live here, yes I live here,

I'm in Peer Review

Newbies - don't be scared, we're here for you...

smiley - rosesmiley - rosesmiley - rose

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