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  • 13.01.05

    Pseudemys sends a letter from Dublin, the Reverend Jack is understandably unsettled by Trisha Goddard, and Blue Bird gets ready to fly.

    There are three poems and a haiku, Reefgirl ventures into the strange world of X-files/Charmed crossover fanfic, and MaW's classy SF tale Unfinished Business continues.

    NotScientific reveals the staggering fact that there are (brace yourselves) factual errors in one of the Harry Potter books, and Smudger ponders the subject of wishing.

  • 20.01.05

    Emotions run high as HPB has a rant about the new-look Time Commanders, Mr Dreadful launches his agony column, and Sprout urges everyone to calm down.

    Hussassan goes on a bit of a trip, Master B gets stuck into duck, and the CAC continuum show there's no shame in paying tribute to our founder.

    Pseudmys' world tour reaches Singapore, Blue Bird flies off to Florida, and Smudger waxes nostalgic once more.

  • 27.01.05

    No Edition this week.

  • 03.02.05

    Mr Dreadful launches another new column, this one about the delights and dubieties of gaming, Agi writes in favour of tough love, and there's a bumper batch of poetry.

    Several a/k/a Random brings us another sports roundup, NotScientific lives up to their name with the startling revelation that apparently 'stars are like giant bulbs', and Master B makes a sandwich.

    The Jon M relates some harsh realities of modern living, Quizzical feels the stirring of some viking blood, and Munchkin gives us the lowdown on cheesy eggs.

  • 10.02.05

    Tonsil Revenge vents his spleen about Asperger's, Lucky Star overdoes the cologne, and Khmasin praises the editor through the medium of verse.

    Cadwallon gives us some of that old time religion, Hussassan goes a bit new age and shows how to alter our states, there's more mystic mystery in Reefgirl's X Files/Charmed story, and MaW's Unfinished Business is finally, er, finished.

  • 17.02.05

    Mr Dreadful's agony column continues to live up to its billing, Lucky Star gets a laser in the eye, and Pinniped gets political.

    The Jon M talks football tribalism, Not Scientific talks mathematical ontology, and Smudger recalls his time in the movie business.

    There's poetry from Dr Anthea, Khamsin, and Sitting on the Stair, a sports roundup by Shazz and Several a/k/a Random, and Awix hopes he drowns before the giant scorpions reach him.

  • 24.02.05

    No Edition this week.

  • 03.03.05

    Mr Dreadful hits people with a rubber sword and explores a world without rank bonuses, Joe C sings a song about a snail, and Cadwallon tells us about his part in the downfall of General Galtieri.

    Mudhooks Dubois unveils the h2g2 Art Gallery, KazSorrel begins a new column about science and fluffy animals, and Hussassan tells us how brilliant marijuana is. (Judging from the rest of the contents of this issue I reckon many Post contributors are already well aware of that.)

  • 10.03.05

    Cor, serious stuff as we get a mega-editorial from da boss and a discussion on the purpose and future of h2g2 itself in the actual paper. Egon pays tribute to the late Doctor Gonzo, the Charmed/X Files story rumbles on, and there's more fluffy animal - sorry, I mean environmental news from KazSorrel, along with a human rights update.

    Meanwhile, Not Scientific talks electromagnetically-induced cerebral debilitation, Tonsil Revenge talks kinesics, Quizzical talks iatrogenesis, and the rest of the world wonders why the hell the back issue page can't be written in English like the rest of the Post.

  • 17.03.05

    A discussion as to whether St Patrick's Day is a crucial religious festival or just a feeble pretext to get sluiced is just one of the many topics not featured in this week's Post. The debate on the future of h2g2 continues, including Echomikeromeo's vision for the site's future. All the usual stuff happens too, including Cadwallon's naval gazing, Reefgirl's fanfic, KazSorrel's right-on round-ups and some slightly self-reflexive poetry from various contributors.

    Meanwhile, Not Scientific lures the mossies, Quizzical explains how ice-dancing is judged, and there's a quite magnificently pointless account of a pointless underground journey from AlexAshman'sBack.

  • 24.03.05

    It's Easter but it's business as usual for the Post as Reefgirl kicks off yet another X Files fanfic. Get this lass to write the next movie! There's also another pointless underground journey, the soul-searching over the future of h2g2 continues, and there's more environmental and human rights news.

    However, new and unusual stuff includes a rather surprisingly honest look at Pinniped's sex life (no, really), the Cranky Gardener getting his tomatoes out (this is not a euphemism), and Mr Dreadful solving problems not related to either of the above.

  • 31.03.05

    Lucky Star continues the Post's move into frank and unexpurgated new territory with an account of her trip round some of Luxembourg's finest strip clubs. Blue Bird writes about a visit to a bird sanctuary (there should be a gag here about 'egrets, I've had a few' etc, but it would probably be libellous). Smudger writes about what sounds like a fairly serious car crash too.

    All the usual suspects are present and correct as usual. The pointless underground gazzetteer continues, as does Reefgirl's X Files story and KazSorrel's various contributions. And on top of all this HPB and Awix pay tribute to the return of a legend and predict the future to boot!

  • 07.04.05

    Current affairs impact on the 250th Post as (besides various recent notable marriages and deaths getting namechecked) we're not allowed to discuss the General you-know-what. As if we'd want to. Anyway, it's another bumper issue as there's yet another pointless journey article, Lucky Star has cocktails in Koblenz, Trillian's Child's reports on the same, and Munchkin shares memories of Eastercon 2005.

    Mr Dreadful reviews the new WFRP (whatever happened to the Artisan's Apprentice?) and reminisces about his D&D days (though if you ask me there's nothing to be proud of about being drunk and disorderly). There's more poetry from the regulars, current affairs discussion from Quizzical, and Pseudemys writes from Shanghai.

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