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This page contains the archives for

the The Saga of Bjorn Bottlesson and Leatherpants the Lost and The Greys series, and other writings by Freewayriding.

Date Title
06.02.17 Part 1: Sunday Morning Coming Down
13.02.17 Part 2: Second Bit: Size Matters, or a Matter of Size
20.02.17 Pt. 3. The Third Bit: Do we actually have a big red button?
27.02.17 Pt. 4. The Last Bit: Go South Young South!
A ghoulish claw.
Date Title
31.07.17 The Greys, Part I
07.08.17 The Greys, Part II
14.08.17 The Greys, Part III
21.08.17 The Greys, Part IV
28.08.17 The Greys, Part V
04.09.17 The Greys, Part VI
11.09.17 The Greys, Part VII
18.09.17 The Greys, Part VIII
25.09.17 The Greys, Part IX (Conclusion)
A platform boot crushing a cigarette.
Date Title
25.09.17 Another Ha'penny's Worth (Not as Dreadful)
02.10.17 The Lying Scotsman
16.10.17 Bad for My Elf
16.10.17 Monsters Don't Eat Beansprouts
23.10.17 Penne Dreadful!
30.10.17 Post Busters
30.10.17 Sycamore Report
30.10.17 Dead Fast
20.11.17 The Face in the Moon
18.12.17 Look, No Hands
18.12.17 Walnuts and Roses and Demonic Kittens
18.12.17 Mellow Yellow Summer
25.12.17 Delawarewolf
01.01.18 In the Beginning
08.01.18 Endings, Beginnings, Bugs and Brandy
08.01.18 Nightshift
08.01.18 Sunrise with UFO
15.01.18 Spreading the Love: A Fishy Tail,
Part I
15.01.18 Rainbow with UFO
15.01.18 Signal
22.01.18 Spreading the Love: A Fishy Tail,
Part II
29.01.18 Spreading the Love: A Fishy Tail,
Part III
12.02.18 Spot the Devil
19.02.18 Mersey Tunnel Revisited
26.02.18 Mirrored Cloudscape
26.02.18 The Cat Cuddles at Midnight
05.03.18 March of the Zombies: Reality BiteZ, Part I
12.03.18 March of the Zombies: Reality BiteZ, Part II
12.03.18 Drivel, Fridges, and Stuff
19.03.18 March of the Zombies: Reality BiteZ, Part III
19.03.18 Guest Poem: Looking
26.03.18 March of the Zombies: Reality BiteZ, Conclusion
26.03.18 Pet Watch: Bored!
02.04.18 Twice Bitten: Part I
09.04.18 Twice Bitten: Part II
16.04.18 Twice Bitten: Part III
16.04.18 Celebrity Sighting
16.04.18 Deadfall
16.04.18 Character Assassination
23.04.18 Twice Bitten: Conclusion
23.04.18 Spring Has Sprung
30.04.18 League of the Dead
30.04.18 I Told You We Shouldn't Have Sat Here
07.05.18 The Beasts That Lie Beneath
07.05.18 The Dog Has His Day: Romantic Opie
14.05.18 Move Over, Picasso
28.05.18 Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can put off for a decade!
18.06.18 Bad Neighbour
02.07.18 Hazard
09.07.18 Hedgehog Camouflage!
09.07.18 Field Trip
16.07.18 Buzz and Zoom
23.07.18 Radio Dictator
06.08.18 Never Judge a Charlie by His Cover(alls): Deliverance in the Deep South
13.08.18 End of Days
13.08.18 Hunting 101: Teaching Aids
13.08.18 Oh, Dear, You Lookin' at Me?
20.08.18 Storyteller's Eye
20.08.18 The Magic in Nature
27.08.18 Seek and Ye Shall Find: Chapter One
27.08.18 Eensy Weensy Spider, I
27.08.18 Eensy Weensy Spider, II
03.09.18 Seek and Ye Shall Find: Chapter Two
10.09.18 Seek and Ye Shall Find: Chapter Three
17.09.18 Seek and Ye Shall Find: Chapter Four
17.09.18 Forgotten Skills?
24.09.18 Message from Home: Part 1
24.09.18 Day of the Unread
24.09.18 Whine List
01.10.18 Message from Home: Part 2
01.10.18 Fallen Angel in Liverpool
08.10.18 The Ultimate Naughty Step
15.10.18 Here Be Giants
22.10.18 Here Be More Giants
29.10.18 Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morgue?
05.11.18 Grounded
03.12.18 Infinity Pool
03.12.18 Mission Quite Possible
10.12.18 Awesome Sky
24.12.18 Land of Soap and Glory
07.01.19 Goliath and a Trillion Trillion Davids
07.01.19 Energy-Saving Tips
14.01.19 A Ha'penny Dreadful for the Digital Age
21.01.19 Cold Machine
28.01.19 On Beyond Zebra
04.02.19 Seventh Heaven
04.02.19 Child of the Dark
11.02.19 Bake a Snake Cake
18.02.19 Delight in the Darkness
25.02.19 A Better Mousetrap?
04.03.19 Motorbikes This Way?
11.03.19 Panic! Danger! Oh...Wait...
18.03.19 Sunrise and Spaceships
01.04.19 Just Ask Jax
08.04.19 Breaking News
08.04.19 It's a Sign: Lunar Division
08.04.19 The Windwolves of Worthington
15.04.19 Sunrise Surprise
15.04.19 The Stormwinds of Worthington
22.04.19 Wings Over Worthington
20.05.19 Satis
03.06.19 Black-and-White: Bubble on Keyboard
03.06.19 The Avian Hitchhiker's Guide
10.06.19 Black-and-White: Mods!
17.06.19 Black-and-White: Coins
17.06.19 One for Sorrow
24.06.19 Black-and-White: The Birds
24.06.19 Photo Play: Inspiration Time
01.07.19 Black-and-White: By a Whisker
01.07.19 Normandy Memorial
08.07.19 Black-and-White: Steps
08.07.19 Escape From Abakhan
15.07.19 Black-and-White: Going to Work
15.07.19 Halfway There
15.07.19 Sunrise, Definitely Colour
22.07.19 Black-and-White: The View
22.07.19 The Eyes Have It
29.07.19 The Tale of Very Old Fish
29.07.19 Black and White: Closeup of Dinner
29.07.19 Stairs to a Different Place
05.08.19 Black and White: Running Between Two Countries
05.08.19 Bear-Faced
12.08.19 Black and White: Horses Playing
12.08.19 Swimming with Dolphins
19.08.19 Black and White: Another Staircase
19.08.19 Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!
19.08.19 Slipper Surface
26.08.19 Mad Sky
26.08.19 Black and White: View from My Window in Turkey
26.08.19 It's a Sign: Taxi Rules
02.09.19 Don't Start - Too Late!
02.09.19 Black and White: Strawberry Thyme
02.09.19 h2g2 Insta: Daily Bread
09.09.19 Doing Their Thing
09.09.19 Black and White: Turkish Sundown
09.09.19 h2g2 Insta: From Eccentrica Gallumbits' Kitchen
16.09.19 Otherworld Liverpool
16.09.19 Black and White: Gnome Among the Tomatoes
23.09.19 John O'Groats
23.09.19 Losing Our Marbles
23.09.19 It's a Sign: Menu
23.09.19 Black and White: Thor's Hammer
30.09.19 Black and White: That Tower Again
30.09.19 Photoshop: Klingon Faux Pas
30.09.19 It's a Sign: Thought-Provoking Lift
07.10.19 Photo Essay: What a Web It Weaves
07.10.19 Black and White: Marshscape
14.10.19 Green Welly
14.10.19 Black and White: Jumping Jax
21.10.19 Cats in Boxes, Again
21.10.19 Sorry!
21.10.19 Black and White: Rainy Night
28.10.19 It's a Sign: English, Not Simple
28.10.19 New Flight Plan
28.10.19 Black and White: Parallel Lines
04.11.19 Black and White: St John the Evangelist
11.11.19 Black and White: Jack-o-Lantern
11.11.19 The Night Works Magic
18.11.19 Obligatory Cats (in Boxes)
18.11.19 Black and White: Liverpool Arena
18.11.19 'That Tower' by Moonlight
25.11.19 City Lights
25.11.19 Hooverville: The Plot Thickens
25.11.19 Black and White: Night Parallel
25.11.19 Mariners' Column
25.11.19 Demon's Head
02.12.19 Magickal Landscape
02.12.19 Obligatory Cat: Awww
02.12.19 The Fallen
02.12.19 Black and White: Swans
09.12.19 The Last Train
09.12.19 Black and White: Fence and Sea
16.12.19 Ghost Office Job
16.12.19 Black and White: Roses in December
23.12.19 Black and White: Boat
30.12.19 Night Crossing
30.12.19 Black and White: Gin Distillery
30.12.19 Industrial Writing Project
06.01.20 Black and White: Inscription
06.01.20 It's Not Disney
13.01.20 Black and White: Seagull
13.01.20 Of Love and War
20.01.20 It's a Sign: Scofflaw Fox
20.01.20 Black and White (and Colour): Rocks and Flowers
20.01.20 Colourful Sky
27.01.20 Black and White: Copycat Elephant
03.02.20 Radioactive Meerkats
03.02.20 Black and White: Dragon Surprise
03.02.20 Video: Big Cats at Chester Zoo
10.02.20 Black and White: Penguins
10.02.20 Fake Mews
10.02.20 Video: Chester Zoo
17.02.20 Black and White: Fog
24.02.20 Black and White: Free Meal
02.03.20 Black and White: Islands Enclosure
02.03.20 We Can't All Be Cheetahs
09.03.20 Black and White: Beached Boats
16.03.20 Where's the Bake Sale?
16.03.20 Black and White: Convention Centre
23.03.20 Complicated Sunrise
23.03.20 Forgotten Treasure (Almost)
23.03.20 Black and White: Chilli Shoots
23.03.20 Recipe: Stuffed Peppers
30.03.20 Black and White: Aquarium
06.04.20 Black and White: Old Chimp
06.04.20 I Need a Doctor, or a Priest
13.04.20 Obligatory Cats: Gardening
13.04.20 It's a Sign: Crosswalk Remake
13.04.20 Black and White: Tiger, Tiger
20.04.20 Show and Tell
20.04.20 Black and White: Rhinos
27.04.20 Tulips in Full Colours
27.04.20 Black and White: Tulips
04.05.20 Black and White: Meditating at Home
11.05.20 Black and White: Lion
11.05.20 What's for Dinner?
11.05.20 Omg Dessert!
18.05.20 Black and White: Poles
18.05.20 Ghost Written
18.05.20 Now, That's What We Call a Scarecrow
25.05.20 Black and White: Tapir
25.05.20 The Good, the Bad, and the Garden
25.05.20 Gardening the Zen Way
01.06.20 Birds in Flight
01.06.20 Contemplative Duck
01.06.20 Go Fly a Kite
15.06.20 History Fading Away
15.06.20 Master Gardener at Work
15.06.20 Chim, Chiminey...and a Bird
22.06.20 Strawberry Moon
22.06.20 Liverpool Ghost Story
22.06.20 Attack of the Killer Seagulls
29.06.20 Sweet Treat
06.07.20 Proof Positive
06.07.20 Over the Rainbow
13.07.20 Sempervivium
20.07.20 How to - living wall planter from old pallets
20.07.20 Sunrise on the Wirral
20.07.20 HighLandscaper
27.07.20 Sunrise on the Wirral (2)
27.07.20 Planting the Three Sisters
03.08.20 Birthday Cake Extraordinaire
03.08.20 Help Keep Wirral Hell
03.08.20 Video: Rise of the Killer Gulls
10.08.20 Letterbox Rox!
10.08.20 Mystery Photo: Can You Guess?
10.08.20 The Corn Is as High as an Elephant's Eye
17.08.20 Letterbox Rox Black Sabbath
17.08.20 Writing Wrongly with Henry Letterbox
17.08.20 Between the Dark and the Light
24.08.20 Wirral Reimagined
31.08.20 Fifteen Kittehs
31.08.20 A Beautiful Day
07.09.20 Typical English Day
07.09.20 Only Elephants Should Wear Ivory
14.09.20 The Adventures of Jax the Cat and His Buddy Opie the Dog
14.09.20 Mystery Bug (with Answer)
21.09.20 From Seed to Plate
28.09.20 Art Deco Sunset
28.09.20 Tomato Bounty
28.09.20 Songsheet: The Siding of My Life
05.10.20 Get Off My Crops!
05.10.20 Hide and Seek Among the Mystery Flowers
05.10.20 Birdwatching for Cats
05.10.20 Nescat
12.10.20 Another Sunrise
12.10.20 Another Spectacular Sunset
12.10.20 Up the Down Staircase
19.10.20 Jax and Opie Hunt Butterflies
19.10.20 Foggy Morning
26.10.20 Stop! Thief!
26.10.20 Malice
02.11.20 Batman in Liverpool
09.11.20 Thurstaston Tor
09.11.20 Evening Walk
16.11.20 The Chase (7)
30.11.20 The End of a Long Day
30.11.20 Humongous Fan
07.12.20 Not Jaywalking
14.12.20 Backlit Tree
14.12.20 How to Save the World
21.12.20 Different as Night and Day
28.12.20 The Early Bird Illustrated
04.01.21 O Little Town of [Insert Name Here]
18.01.21 Weird Viking Dreams
25.01.21 Moon
25.01.21 No Strings Attached
01.02.21 Cat Fashion Pose
01.02.21 More Supernatural Mischief
01.02.21  Inviting Sight
08.02.21  Inviting Sight (2)
22.02.21 Can't Get in Gear Today
22.02.21 Lockdown Fox
08.03.21 From the Artist's Kitchen
08.03.21 More Beautiful Food
08.03.21 Barrels
08.03.21 Obligatory Cat (and Dog)
15.03.21 To Thine Own Self
15.03.21 Full Moon
22.03.21 The End (Again)
22.03.21 Cookie Pie
05.04.21 Chinese Church
05.04.21 Moving the Full Moon
05.04.21 Miss Beanie and Midnight
05.04.21 Easter Pie
19.04.21 Good Morning, World
19.04.21 Where There's a Will
26.04.21 National Barbershop Memorial
26.04.21 Oh, Dear, Again
03.05.21 Gardening Tip
03.05.21 The Good, the Bad, and the Letterbox
10.05.21 Updated Combat
10.05.21 Come on In, Spelling Optional
24.05.21 Scientific Curiosity
24.05.21 Little Blue Horse
31.05.21 A Few Bloody Fingers Later...
31.05.21 Break Eggs, He Says
07.06.21 UFO in a Wirral Garden
14.06.21 African Spotted Eagle Owl
14.06.21 Eclipse Over the UK: Special Report
14.06.21 Sunrise Silhouettes
21.06.21 Move Over, Harry Harryhausen
28.06.21 Covid Corvids
28.06.21 Rambling Rose
05.07.21 Newsflash: Squirrel Impersonates Statue
05.07.21 And Now for Something Completely Different
05.07.21 Pigeon Theatre 1: Pigeon DUI
05.07.21 Pigeon Theatre 2: Pigeon Vandalism
05.07.21 Pigeon Theatre 3: Seismic Disruption
05.07.21 Pigeon Theatre 4: Time Travel Fail
05.07.21 Pigeon Theatre 5: Pigeon Mugshot
12.07.21 Welcome to the Pub
19.07.21 Garden Landscape
19.07.21 No, Seriously, This Is Gardening
19.07.21 Toad of the Week
26.07.21 Making Friends
26.07.21 False Advertising
26.07.21 Two-Seagull Morning
26.07.21 Sunflower
26.07.21 Floral Bouquet
26.07.21 The Temptation of Blackcurrant Jam
02.08.21 How to Build a Raised Pool in Your Garden
02.08.21 Bee Meets Sunflower
02.08.21 Protected Poppies
02.08.21 Aerial Graffiti of the Week
09.08.21 Brightening the Indoors
09.08.21 Thyme Traveller
09.08.21 It's a Sign: Motivational Lapse
16.08.21 Mealworm Breakfast
16.08.21 Shooting the Moon
16.08.21 What You Can't Eat in FWR's Garden
16.08.21 Not Wild Mountain Thyme
16.08.21 Spot the UFO (Again)
16.08.21 SWDO
23.08.21 Feng Shui Floral
23.08.21 Mystery Landscape
30.08.21 Confuse a Cat
30.08.21 Paranormal Party
06.09.21 The Stages of Hot Sauce
13.09.21 Final Bouquet
13.09.21 Steaming the Cake
20.09.21 Good Morning
20.09.21 Crosstalk: The Hot Sauce Controversy

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