Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can put off for a decade!

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Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can put off for a decade!

The old, slightly wonky, outbuilding will make a perfect playroom when the little ones are a bit older, loads of space for all their toys, but there's the kitchen to do first.

Maybe next year?

The roof on the wonky future playroom has a leak now, not that bad, we'll fix it once the new central heating and bathrooms done.

Maybe next year?

Remind me to cut that ivy back, it's starting to grow into the brickwork of the soon-to-be playroom now, I'll do it once I've finished the dining room.

Maybe later in the year?

That roof is getting worse, there's moss growing in the old wonky building now. Won't take much to get it dried out and clear, but we've booked that family holiday so we may not have the money til next year?

Would be nice to get the old shed sorted before the kids go to high school, roof is wrecked, brickwork damaged and the floor's now a jungle! Easily fixed, but I've just been laid off so maybe next year when I've found another job?

What do you think, get the attic converted or convert that bloody wreck into a room the kids can have their music on without disturbing anyone? The extra bedroom up there would be very handy. Maybe sort the playhouse next year then?

Just noticed the door's rotted on the old ruined building, have to sort that before we convert it into a party room for the kids, but we need the cash to replace the car that's gone bang!
Maybe in the winter?

The storm last night has finally taken what was left of the roof off the ruin, I'll have to replace the whole lot if we're going to ever convert it into a chill out space for the kids, but it'll have to wait til we've redecorated.

Next year, promise!

Don't lean anything against the old wall; the ivy has wrecked the brickwork, like a bloody tree now, too wet to do it now, if it ever stops raining, I'll take a look after nights. If not, we'll sort it in the summer?

Bloody dog's been digging up the rotten floor in the ruin, getting bad now, maybe time to knock the thing down before it falls down, once the bedrooms are redecorated?

Not building anything in this weather, love, too bloody wet.See what it's like later in the year?

That snow has pushed the brickwork out further, I'll sort it...if we ever get a Spring!

Sorry love, just can't do anything till my leg gets better; maybe in a few months I can tackle what's left of that old building?

Just a shell now, pity really, would've made a brilliant playroom, remember the plans for it when we moved in? Nice big space for the kids to make as much noise as they want? Sleepovers would be great in here! The kids could use it when all their friends come around. It would be cool if we could do it before they go off to uni!

We could do it as a family project, now the kids are old enough, teach them a few handy skills, maybe?

The rather sad old, once wonky, outbuilding now has new brickwork, a new floor and roof, new door and windows, new electrics and a very funky makeover. The kids love it (and loved rebuilding it).

Now, what am I going to do next year?

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