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Posted: 28th May 2018

Where Was Your Towel?

bobstafford's towel was somewhere in this photo, we're sure

On this page, please find towels. Towel Day is always special on h2g2, and towels go lots of places on Planet Earth. The Editor celebrated Towel Day by binge-watching The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the BBC miniseries) on Amazon Prime. Somebody over there certainly knew where their towel was. We hope you and your towel had fun. If we haven't got your photo yet, just send it on, and we'll feature it in next week's round-up of amazing towel photos.
Cybercubicle towelPossible use for towel #376: Instant cybercubicle for adolescent with smartphone.

Caiman raptor elk.

Speaking of things you need to do:
  • Have you ordered your copy of Twice-42: Wit and Wisdom from a Mostly Harmless Planet yet? They're selling like hotcakes.
  • Have you written in your Journal lately? If your reply was, 'Oh, that old thing,' please note the June Create Challenge. You might want to go back and read through your old journal posts. The Create Team want your favourites, and a bit more!
  • Have you taken any good photos lately? Are the flowers blooming in your neighbourhood? The bees buzzing? The mountain covering itself with mist? The weird signs springing up like Vogon epigrams? Stop talking on that bleepin' mobile, and put it to the use Zarquon intended! Take a photo and send it to the h2g2 Post. Sheesh.

A lot of contributors have been taking photos, and you're really going to appreciate this week. The pics will make you laugh out loud, ooh and aah, or just plain gasp with admiration. Be sure to let them know you appreciate their efforts.
Bluebottle on Towel Day
What else do we have for you this week? Let us count our blessings.
  • Willem generously takes us with him on a trip up Iron Crown. You'll be amazed at what you see. Then, he transports us back in time to meet a pre-mammal. You won't learn these things anywhere else.
  • Awix has an insightful cinema report. Ben Moore has insight, as well, on the problem of power.
  • Freewayriding and Paigetheoracle have insights of their own, on the home labour front. Check them out.
  • We have the usual humour and otiose advice.
  • We're also pretty subversive this week. First, there's a mind-blowing psychedelic video, because Your Editor never left the Sixties. Then we tell you how to be a 'citizen saboteur', courtesy of declassified US government documents. We hope you grok the implications when it comes to mau-mauing the flakcatchers.
  • Obligatory cat photo
  • We had so much good Stuff that we almost forgot to include the Obligatory Cat Photo. That's one of the new Hoggett kittens. We're not sure which one, but they're all cute. Lots more where that came from. (Mrs Hoggett is very happy: so far, three of the seven are spoken for, and will soon be going to appreciative homes.)
Superfrenchie's Towel Day with new book
We hope you enjoy this issue. For our US readers: have a happy Memorial Day, and don't eat too many hot dogs and ice cream cones. For everybody else, get out and bathe in the sunshine. Have a great week, don't forget to write, and above all, always know where your towels are!

PS: The Post has received an urgent message:
Are you aware that PBS is asking viewers to vote for the best loved book in America? They have preselected by survey the top 100 and are asking viewers to vote once a day for one or more books until the broadcast of the the final selection sometime in the fall. Why should you be aware of this? Because Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is one of those 100 books! It’s time to rouse the masses to get out and vote! (Well, actually they should stay in and vote since it can be done by going to their website.

Thanks for your attention,

Uncle Duck

Now you know. (And we're not telling you how to vote. If Moby Dick changed your life, go for it. But people, Fifty Shades of Grey is on that list, and decency demands you vote early and often.)

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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