June 2018 Create Challenge: Journal Redux

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June Create: Journal Redux


Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.

– Robert A. Heinlein
Create June 2018 Challenge

Each of us has a 'private space' on h2g2: see that little tab that opens your Journal?

Often a place where we scribble down random thoughts, fledgling story ideas, attempts at poetry or just the day to day incidents which we deem worthy of noting down.

Then there's a month's worth of furious Journal writing every November in the brain-melting annual madness that is NaJoPoMo.

This month's Create invites you to brush away the cobwebs, blow the dust off and revisit your own private Journals.

h2g2 Journals do cover some pretty diverse and wonderful topics:

  • 2003: Willem writing on The Love of Plants.(part one)
  • 2006: Dmitri Gheorgheni muses upon jonquils and James Taylor.
  • 2008: paulh dreams of mountain lakes and goldfish.
  • 2013: Superfrenchie has an admirer..and Smarties!
  • 2018: Bluebottle cooks colourblind and feels a banana!

Has a long-forgotten Journal entry sparked your creative juices? Send us photos or drawings based on your Journals.

So, open up your Journal and take a trip down your own memory lane.

Once you've washed your hands, don't be ashamed, pick your favourite Journal entry (be it from last week or a decade ago), and share it with us all.


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