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A gem from FWR's daughter, who's pretty observant. The apple does not fall far from the treeā€¦


I like looking at interesting things.

Anything unusual or exciting and I'm happy.

Anything that buzzes or whirrs and my head turns.

Any sculpture that is carefully balanced and I'm there.

I like looking at interesting things. I'm no art snob but if I see an old bed sheet on the floor or a single shoe, with laces undone, I'm intrigued. I find abstract art riveting.

For example, the interesting splatter on the kitchen floor.

I like looking at interesting things.

Things that move, things that are still, I look at them all.

I won't turn my little nose up at anything fascinating.

Whether it's the spider on the wall, or the cars going past the window, I'm absorbed.

I like looking at interesting things.

Pity I've never been to a museum.

I hear there's lots of interesting things there.

I walked past a museum the other day.

It looked captivating until I saw the no dogs allowed sign, pity.

I like looking at interesting things.

Maybe that splatter on the kitchen floor will taste as good as it looks....
Opie the dog looking observant
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