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Posted: 19th March 2018

Slouching Through Lent

Yes, children, it is still snowing in the northern hemisphere. So what else is new? Maybe it will quit in time for Easter. However, since Easter this year is on 1 April, we aren't taking any bets. So much for the weather report. Let's ignore the white menace and think about pleasanter things, such as all the stories, photos, videos, quizzes and generally Fun Stuff to be found in this week's h2g2 Post.

Oh, goody, more snow on the neighbour's tree.

  • Last week, it was cats. This week, Willem and SashaQ partner up to bring us birds in all their moods. The neddicky speaks to us, as do the famished feathered flocks on the Isle of Wight. Help caption, discuss.
  • There is a cat in this week's issue. Okay, part of one. Find it.
  • There is more stunning photography to ooh and aah over. Ooh and aah, please.
  • A diagram of how to remember things with your head
  • A gem from the archives: we've found the world's most boring mentalist. He wants to tell you how to remember things. Read his 'poem' and mock.
  • We have better poetry. FWR's daughter drops by with some verse and a photo. She's a chip off the old block.
  • Ever wanted to go to Mars? We have a virtual video journey for you this week. Alas, there are no potatoes involved, nor do we have any exciting guest actors. But you can see real NASA art, and it's pretty breathtaking. The organist is doing his best.
  • Awix is here to tell you about cinema doings. This week's review title is 'Waitresses on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown'. It's always fun to try and guess what film he's reviewing from the title...
  • Your Editor has some news on what to watch on Youtube, for the curious cheapskates among us who are also too lazy to get out and go to the cinema. You'd be amazed at the cool stuff you can find if you stop looking up 'Cats' for five minutes…
  • The Zombies are back! Part III this week! Bring on the Segways!!!
  • There are quizzes, of course. And writing advice, and camera tips. And snark. Go enjoy.

Reality BiteZ promo showing a zombie on a Segway
Henry Letterbox FTW!
Click the link for the trailer
to the upcoming sequel!

Why are you still hanging around? Go read, already! And have a grand week! Don't meet any zombies.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Neddicky by Willem
  • Someone Threw Bread on the Isle of Wight by SashaQ




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