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Field Trip

School trip in space

My daughter went on a field trip this morning, excited but complaining about the two-hour coach journey to get there. so what if....

The pitted and scarred porthole, although limiting detail, did nothing to diminish the awe Sanjit felt as she squinted to take in the sight.

Even at this altitude, the fish moved with effortless grace, translucent fins and sails twisting to make the most of the ammonia currents and eddies.

The ship rocked as one of the larger females came within ten meters, the force of her passing pushing the craft aside with ease.

Sanjit unconsciously counted off the seconds as the opalescent creature passed her line of sight, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, the main body tapered into a pulsating gossamer tail that took a further twelve seconds to pass, each glowing pulse expelling and igniting hydrazine, an organic rocket propelled life form, truly awesome.

The ship angled away from the swarm, gaining altitude. Thousands of the strange Cyaneidae whirling around in their own lightning storm. The swarm now measuring a hundred and thirty kilometres wide and growing as the creatures gathered to mate.

Accelerating away, Sanjit stayed, glued to the window until the attendant gently ushered her back to her seat, buckled in for the return, she quickly made a few notes on her pad before sleep took her and the long journey home began.

As the ship entered hyperspace, Sanjit smiled as the chemicals entered her system, all in all it had been a pretty cool school trip!

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