Seek and Ye Shall Find, Chapter 4

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SAYSF: Chapter 4 – I Will Deliver Him to You

Fiery Finale by Freewayriding

"Some non-believers say it was a freak accident of nature, or a fuel dump explosion, but, still others believe the Devil himself came up the mountain to claim Him that morning.

One thing we do know for certain, sunrise that day saw over six hundred Riders, all Seekers of the Free Way, embark on their Final Run.

Just as the old religions had their Judas, so too was there a betrayal on the hill that morning.

Only fragments remain of the original account, recorded in archaic MPEG American. Scholars now believe that only one third of the infamous 'Book of Frank' remains.

So, look carefully, and tell me what you see."

Lights dim in the vast auditorium and all eyes are riveted to the display.

Grainy green images as the bodycam focuses. A female in her twenties, dressed as a Rider, blonde, checks the lens and mutters "Good to go Frank."

Static. Image cuts to the Hilltop. Hundreds of motorcycles. Riders nowhere to be seen.

Voice of Frank, "Zero Four thirty-seven, (static), seem to be moving (static)...believe it to be Tango" camera pans to smiling blonde, "(static)...odename MacLeod…."

Image jumps to crowd of Riders, laughing and cheering, gathered around a central figure. "(static) you see, my brothers and sist...(static)"

The auditorium gasps as they realise they are actually seeing and hearing the Seeker Himself.

"Target sighted and identified, repeat we...(static)..eyes on Tango One!" Frank the Betrayer's voice sickening in his joy and excitement. "All Units move in, be aware Agents on site, repeat ....(static)....caution, Agents on site!"

(static).....cuts to the Seeker, much closer, colour replaces infrared, as predawn light improves and glints in piercing blue eyes, otherwise a quite unassuming figure, no different to the other Riders, but those eyes told of hidden Truth.

"(static) and everyone of you. What you are about to hear and see will change the world, change history, change mankind! (static) more...(static)...simple Truth...(static) open your eyes my....(static)....all around us....(static)....harness....( static) unlimited ....(static)…."

Panic. Riders splitting, running for the bikes.

A single gun shot (Loud noise made by ancient projectile firing weapon) rings out.

"FBI, freeze! ....(static)..." Sunrise glory ignites the background, blue eyes sparkling with fire."Don't move! On your knees ...(static)...behind your head, now!"

Sword being drawn, adding to the glow. "Drop the weapon. I will open fire! (static)...deral Agents...(static)..."

Glowing sword captures the dawn, arcing towards the bodycam, another shot.

Blue eyes smile, the bullet, suspended in the glow, stops midair between the Betrayer and the Sword, the Seeker reaches out, plucking death between finger and thumb of his left hand admiring the beauty of the round.

"Tell me Agen...(static) you see?"

"What the...(static)?....Drop...( static)...nal warning..."

Another gunshot.

Sword strikes the earth, driven down by His right hand.

Blinding light, more static...lens recording fire and grass, shouts, crying, yells of fury and confusion.

Image clears, showing an empty hillside, burning bikes, not one body.

Audio requesting EMT, backup, "Are you seeing this.....(static)...explosion. ...(static) unaccounted for, request aerial support, I repeat...(static)...Target lost..(static)."

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