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Posted: 17th September 2018

Lost? Learn to Read the Signposts

A Russian sign in the woods warning about mosquitos

Have you ever been lost in the woods? Scary, huh? Especially if you've seen The Blair Witch Project. Signs are always helpful, like this one. What? You don't read Cyrillic? Good thing you brought along your Google translator, innit? Oh, wait. Solnushka says there's no wifi in those woods. Oh, horror…you'd better read her photoessay for tips, then. We've got you covered. We guarantee this is the funniest walk yet.

Yes, kids, autumn is sneaking up on us. Over here in the US of A, your Post Editor is hiding inside from the three-day rainstorm. Hopefully, the power will stay on: the other night, a transformer blew out. And this is from a hurricane more than 2,000 kilometers away. Sometimes, we're sour about nature.

On the other hand, we've got some really intriguing nature for you in this issue, along with a lot of other things you'll want to know about. Here's a quick rundown of the goodies this week:
Crested Guineaufowl by Willem
  • Willem has more guinea hens. These are really exotic. Enjoy.
  • Speaking of exotic, you'll never believe where the plant was growing outside the h2g2 Post Office. We have photographic proof, and no, that wasn't photoshopped.
  • Also not photoshopped: TJ following the action on the ceiling. Our Assistant to the Assistant Editorial Kitty is the star of this week's video, as well.
  • Awix is probably lost on the steppes. He hasn't reported in yet. But never fear: he's left us a truly great cinema review. Bluebottle, take note: it's animated. It's somewhat politically dodgy. Awix calls it, 'Don't Mention the Wall'. You'll be entertained, whether you want to see the film or not.
  • Red Rock Formation by Amy Pawloski
  • Back to the great outdoors: while Solnushka was wandering around in the Russian woods, Amy Pawloski was admiring the wonders of Arizona. She's decided to be our Suzie Q Ferguson this week – you remember Suzie Q Ferguson, the world's most terrible tourguide? Amy's pictures are amazing. Her facts, though sparse, are equally mind-boggling. Take a look.
  • Yes, there are quizzes. This week, we have a guest quizmaster: Prof Animal Chaos. He's to blame for the Post Quiz. We decided you'd like it, once we censored it. Guess the picture of the whatsit, and caption SashaQ's fascinating find. Also, please send more pics. And quizzes. The lazy Post Editor loves guest quizzes.
  • Do we have humour? Opinions vary. We say yes. As to the cartoons, we echo the sentiments of avant-garde composer (and insurance broker) Charles Ives, who once confronted an unhappy music lover with, 'Sit there and take it like a man, you sissy!'
  • This week is a banner one for our fiction section: three stories reach their exciting conclusions. Find out what happens to the biker cult. Learn about the life-changing decision of the Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskäpitänstöchterentführungsgesetzvollstreckungsbeamter. Read the heartbreaking ending of Culture Shock. There will be more fiction in your future, never fear.
  • Forgotten Skills by Freewayriding
  • There's a great true story by Freewayriding. Find out what Grandpa's been up to.
  • Researchers have been finding mysterious signs everywhere. Robbie (Researcher 5) found something that looks suspicious: has the Starship Titanic game escaped the confines of the virtual to invade RL? Meanwhile, Bluebottle, the original sign man, has spotted another gem in his travels. Learn how to sit. Seriously.

More fun. More opportunities to discuss, share, and write. Talk among yourselves. Talk to the Post. Send Stuff. Keep your umbrellas handy. Stay away from hurricanes. And have a good week!

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