Forgotten Skills?

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Forgotten Skills?

Kid Fun by Freewayriding

Engine noises, tiny legs struggling to reach the foot pegs, still years away, but he tries.

Handlebars just in reach, proof he's now a big boy.

Granddad on the back, also making daft noises.

Keys will have to wait another few years, imagination better than horsepower for today.

Rain stops our journey and the camera clicks.

Reluctant to climb down, but the promise of presents and cake just enough.

Shredded paper.

Pirate ships, motorbikes and robots. A pre-birthday treat for my beautiful grandson.

The dining room floor is now a race track, the living room an ocean, the dog's bed a treasure island.

Whilst In the hall, robots patrol, scaring Nanny every time she tries to leave the kitchen planet.

Growing into the Bike by Freewayriding

Tea cold by the time she manages to escape.

Cardboard gift wrapping tubes (just as good as store bought toys!) become interstellar telescopes, launch ramps for racing and then swashbuckling swords.

The robots decide to get a lift off the bikers to the park, meeting pirates for cake and a go on the slides and swings.

Imagination sparking across the decades, across generations, relearning forgotten skills, being taught again to play by a preschooler, thrilled to find the spark still burns within aching bones.

Tired out, time for a nap, exhausted but happy, snuggles with a smiling granddad.

Happy Birthday, my lovely boy! Xxx

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