Seek and Ye Shall Find: Chapter 1

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Chapter One – S.A.Y.S.F.


Excerpt from "Cult of the Freeway – Rise of the Motorcycle Messiah." By former FBI Special Agent in Charge, Frank Cavachon

The crowd stopped jostling each other and became still and quiet as the single light illuminated the stage.

Three hundred strong now, not like the old days when it was five or six regulars, eighteen the record. But that was back then, before he came to them.

The white screen – one simple question, "What do you see?"

Puzzled looks on the newbies' faces, smiles of content on the initiated.

Screen showing black, again that simple question.

"What do you see?"

Pinpoints in the blackness evolve into stars, growing bigger, zooming into planets and moons, Suns whizz by in fiery glory.

"What do you see?"

Crowd transfixed as a glowing blue ball fills the screen, clouds part and the Earth rushes upwards, oceans, continents, home.

"What do you see?" The soft, compelling question prompts whispered answers, mumbled as the screen fills with mountains and cities. Nighttime views expand further still.

Black snakes of highway joining towns and peoples, red, white and yellow streaks fill the arteries, life flowing on the planet.

"What do you see?"

A fast-moving speck of light, tracked and enlarged, aerial view of the big bike as it flows with the bends, rider enjoying the movements of the beast beneath.

Three hundred smiles turn to grins as they share the rider's joy. Running in the night, chasing the dawn.

"What do you see?"

Chrome and leather fill the screen, magnified creases and perfect welds, abstract art as the view expands.

Stitched seams, perfect symmetry, threads hold tiny droplets of predawn dew and last night's showers, each perfect globe glowing as the unseen sun rises.

"What do you see?"

Golden fire fills the screen as the dawn ignites the water, minute fireworks in the crease of a glove. The crowd gasps at the sheer beauty Nature provides, hidden in plain sight, unmoved in the hundred-mile-an-hour winds. Perfection.

"What do you see?" Whispers the unseen voice.

Three hundred souls respond with one heartfelt word.


The screen filled with the motorcycle colors, silhouette of a motorcycle against a sunrise, top rocker 'S.A.Y.S.F.' as the unassuming leader, bearded and wearing the same weather-beaten colors, walks onto the stage, blue eyes smiling at the crowd.

"Welcome to the Freeway, your eyes have been opened to the Magic, may they always remain so! Seek And Ye Shall Find, my brothers and sisters!"

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