Twice Bitten: Part II

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Twice Bitten: Part II

A promo for the movie 'Twice Bitten', by Freewayriding

3. Too late, too late.

Windsor Steel cradled the bloodied and limp body of the beautiful Cassandra in his arms, a single tear forming perfectly in his eye.

The perfect tear rolled perfectly down his perfectly stumbled cheek and fell perfectly onto the red lips of his once perfect lover.

He surveyed the dozens upon dozens of glowing ash piles littering the cell block.

'Too late! Too late to save you, my lovely, but not too late to rid the Earth of these vile monsters.' He bent and kissed the tear from her lips, a long and tender goodbye kiss.

Laying her gently on the prison cot, Steel slowly closed the cell door, knuckles whitening around the hilt of his weapon as he strode purposefully towards the hissing dark of the main block.

'Come out, come out, wherever you are!' His challenge greeted by hissing and scraping sounds as he disappeared into the blackness.

4. You want some cream on that?

Sonia flinched as the buttery hand clamped on her shoulder.

'Nice one, Cassy love, good scene that, the lady fans love all that bleedin' gushy stuff!'

'It's Sonia, Cassandra's my character.' Blank looks, 'In the movie?'

'What evs, love, just saying, good scene that! Oh, and you were ok, too!'

Sonia resumed poking her salad, pushing the uneaten food around her plate with her fork.

She idly rubbed at her neck with her other hand, thoughts of a big juicy rare steak tormenting her.

Sonia had been a vegan for eleven years now, she regularly used her mounting fame to promote animal rights and the joys of why could she suddenly murder a deliciously bloody t-bone?

'Hickey?' Letterbox grinned as he took his seat opposite, digging into the huge fry-up.

'Pardon?' God, this man was repulsive and she had to kiss him three more times! Yeuck! 'I said, 'beg your pardon', Henry?'

Letterbox motioned to her neck with a half-eaten sausage, ' I said, 'hickey', you know?'

He winked, 'Good night last night? You and your friend sounded like you were having fun, but still, you wanna put some cream on that!'

'For your information, I had a long soak with my script, took a pill and slept for nine hours, not that it's any of your business! And this...'

Pointing to the marks on her neck, 'Well we're in a bloody vampire movie and I've just been bitten, you prat! It's just make-up!'

'Fair dos, Cassie, don't get your nicks in a bleedin' twist! What happens in Transylvania stays in bleedin' Transylvania, no need to bite me head off, girl!'

Sonia didn't even bother to correct him, pushing the salad away she stood up and walked out, thinking she'd actually quite enjoy biting his big fat juicy head off!

Weird that the buffoon had pointed to the left side of her neck though, when the Effects guys had actually made up her right for the ECU in the bite scene?


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