Mellow Yellow Summer

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Mellow Yellow Summer

God she looked so beautiful.

Sitting in the June sunshine, books spread around her.

The red summer dress with the seashells embroidered into it floating on the grass, legs tucked beneath her.

Five months to go, she would be his wife.

She pulled her sunglasses down and squinted at him, nose wrinkling deliciously.

He, in turn, stopped polishing his motorcycle, sat down beside her and took the offered cold glass of white.

Chatting about nothing. Laughing at nothing.

Enjoying the thrill of each other's existence.

He closed his eyes, arms up, hands behind his head, enjoying the touch of her on his bare chest.

Patterns traced in the sunshine on hot flesh.

"Stand up, let's have a look?"

He glanced down, grinning at lipstick flowers drawn on his chest.

Standing up, he snatched her round sunglasses and gave her two peace signs and a big grin as the camera clicked, capturing a moment of forever twenty-two years ago.

Editor's Note: This reminiscence came courtesy of the Edited Guide, which published this hippie-and-banana-related Guide Entry. We thought you'd enjoy hearing the story behind the illustration.

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