The Face in the Moon

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Face in the Moon

FWR wrote this:

Dear GoHL1:

Just taking a few shots of the River of Light display, lovely moon caught my eye, I've found something very strange on the photos....which I'll download off my camera tomorrow, but the Post may have a scoop, there on old Luna is a portrait of Lord Byron, I kid you not!

I promise the shots haven't been anywhere near Photoshop, but here's a pic of the camera with the shot I'll send when it's downloaded2.

I think it's Byron, but my lad says it's more like Hitler, wasn't there a film about Nazis on the moon?

I digress. Will send a decent quality pic for you to make your own mind up, will be much clearer, but here's proof of no tampering in the meanwhile!
A moon face.

We can attest to the 'no tampering' part. Unlike those Fake News sites, we always admit it when we photoshop. So what do you think? Byron or the F├╝hrer? Or somebody else?

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1When queried, our photographer claimed that 'GoHL' stood for 'Godfather of Heavy Leslie'. See 'Bexhill Bluegrass'. That was me told.2Not reproduced here, because you're getting the full Monty, so to speak.

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