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Welcome to what was once the AGGGAG-Archives - part of the greater whole that is AGG/GAG. We did a weekly stint in The Post, and featured a threesome (or more!) of Unedited and Uneditable entries each week. There were much were lies, some that were damned lies, but thankfully none that were statistics. The good work continues under the name of CAC - the Committee for Alien Content.

The forty-two entries are archived here for posterity. There won't be any further updates, because I'm out of AGG/GAG forever! So go visit The Committee Archives, and tell 'em Martin sent ya.

By the way, there's a more logical, sensible, and useful archive if you'd prefer it that way...

The forty-two entries of AGG/GAG

The Swan Song - 3rd Oct. Advice to Suicides, What AggGag means to me, Pubes, Sausages In Sauce - A Recipe, Territorial Imperative, or 'Why they should serve alcohol in public restrooms', The Shanghai, Illinois Daily Intelligencer Obituary Of the Day.

Issue 41 - 26th Sep. Broken Dog, The Lost Plays of Sheridan Beckett, God +/- Universe.

Issue 40 - 19th Sep. A Rude Awakening, The perfect G n T, Diamonds are a girl's best friend, How to order pizza on the phone.

Issue 39 - 12th Sep. Guide to Theatre Species, Bah! Rock music! (Baroque Music), Toddler philosophy.

Issue 38 - 5th Sep. A811117 is a work of fiction, and a good one. Hidden Gouger, Crouching Dentist is all too true. But that's not all: Bossel has found us these three: A495191 (wonderful advice... allegedly), A514054 (cute), and A494543 (use less mortar).

Issue 37 - 22nd Aug. Who is A678062? What is A801244? Which of Zaphod's entries are better? A807635, or A807626. And will our last five issues be our best yet?

Issue 36 - 15th Aug. A long story, entitled "Lost Youth. If found.... The A175745 is scientifically proven, and A479982 is the consequence.

Issue 35 - 8th Aug. A708536 (who??) is too dead to be cool. But is his cup Half Full?

Issue 34 - 1st Aug. The Compleat Works of Arch-Blump Presently. Nearly twenty stories by one author, which is nice.

Issue 33 - 25th Jul. A142336 is shortly philosophical, A475445 is arguably useful, and Student Life is dysfunctional in a funny way.

Issue 32 - 18th Jul. We believe in freedom of speech, whether it's about Terrorism, Cell Phones, or simply The Colour of Black. Personally I think A777125 is great - how embarrassed was that Researcher?

Issue 31 - 11th Jul. Discover How to use the ultimate answer, discover A768233, and be fascinated by, uh, A768279.

Issue 30 - 4th Jul. Fear meets ugliness and hairiness, Cars meet Sentience, and A238015 meets bullets.

Issue 29 - 27th Jun. A771068 is deeply personal, while Ralph Emerson is A771095. The story A770906 has a style all of its own, and A773237 is a wonderful yarn that isn't at all political. Oh no!

Issue 28 - 20th Jun. We're all getting emotional at Agg/Gag, and we cover Fear, Noise, and Pain. How miserable.

Issue 27 - 13th Jun. Take all your clothes off to support A763021, or sing a few bars of A375950. The A351280 are a source of many similar entries, perhaps including A714863, perhaps not.

Issue 26 - 6th Jun. We're free as in beer, not as in speech. A759530 isn't about Jesus, A699807 is sexy, and A725500 is supposedly helpful.

Issue 25 - 30th May. A748352 meets the target. A757686 uses anti-custard rockets. Oh, and a club and a thread (which don't really count, do they?)

Issue 24 - 23rd May. We took a break for a week - these entries are a break from science as we know it. Five in fact: A60274, A387146, 1st Law of Icecream, A416747, and A270262. Now, if we did that daily, we'd be beating the Edited Guide...

Issue 23 - 9th May. Choose from the surreal A75700, the three sentences of A70291, or A736085 from our cousins at Sense of Place.

May Day Issue - 2nd May. m'aidez! Get help from A632431. jwf gets excited about A353161, has a A720695, and includes a few external links on the subject.

Issue 21 - 25th Apr. Mythical Creatures die horribly, A546671 should die horribly, and The Sea Monkeys probably died from an excess of sex.

Issue 20 - 18th Apr. Some medium-sized beauties: A647219, A247718, and A658389 (really?).

Issue 19 - 11th Apr. It's not halloween, but that doesn't stop us featuring A719651, and A720334 for the Wiccans; A574120 and A706204 for the fairy tales. A296048 is some kind of haiku, I think?

Issue 18 - 4th Apr. Eat, drink and be merry. While Bratwurst Soup can't be healthy, and A203923 sadly doesn't exist, this A580781 is the greatest in the land!

Issue 17 - 28th Mar: I forget to write this bit, but the issue celebrates work from our own correspondents. A711190, A567443, A683705, A689529, A609716, and A577415 - bite-sized entertainment and inspiration.

Issue 16 - 21st Mar: I'm away snowboarding in Austria; jwf explains about A702442, A560323 is revealed to be psychopathologicoliterary; A521146 is hard; while A288614 is a good laugh.

Issue 15 - 14th Mar: jwf rants like a man possessed. Oh, and we've a wonderful wasteland of weirdness - A587171, I'm very sad, A425657, and A450640.

Issue 14 - 7th Mar: We all want lots of people to come and help us - by way of inspiration we offer A665101 and A615160. By way of practical advice, we offer Writing Guidelines, Simple Writing Guidelines, and Contribution Guidelines.

Unlucky Issue 13 - 28th Feb: We all like smiley - sheep, and again - not in that way. These sheeplike entries are all first/personal - A558146, Holding a Meeting, A693641, and A585786.

Issue 12 - 21st Feb: The idea of an h2g2 storybook excites us. No, not like that... Anywhich, we've A610435, A397712, A538652, and A2827.

The Lurve Issue - 14th Feb: Wow - this Valentine's day special is seriously long! Classic literature leads off with A692516 and A692525; we feature five great entries: A678792, Chocolate and Sex, Is It True Love?, Valentine's Day, and Marrying in Las Vegas; we also link to A409420 and conclude with a peek at A461756 and A524161.

Issue 10 - 7th Feb: Out tenth issue, and we get a blob of our own, straight from the tortured mind of Tonsil Revenge. Read about A257564 or A661150 - and don't miss our St. Valentine's teaser: A268977.

Issue 9 - 31st Jan: The hundredth issue of the post, and it goes out in paper form as well! We deploy a couple of longer entries for the occasion: A683723 and A680014.

Issue 8 - 24th Jan: I decide to confuse people by reversing the order of the archives, but more importantly, Bossel gives us a triplet of pleasingly bizarre entries: A129430, A131851 and A472835. Well done that Scout!

Issue 7 - 17th Jan: Another piece of fiction features this issue: Deedzoeb's A421354. On the other hand, members of the MTV generation will find that A419564 and A356078 slip loveingly into their busy schedules.

Issue 6 - 10th Jan: We all love Positive Feedback's A365816 - it's fabulous. A couple of sporty entries complete this week: A548174 and A678152.

Issue 5 - 3rd Jan: The holiday season strikes, and we only have a couple of recommendations: A245170 and A669314.

Issue 4 - 27th Dec: The Alternative Writing Workshop is warming up a little, and we feature A437230, A587117, A658974, and a bonus entry: A587081.

The Christmas Issue - 20th Dec: We're certainly not going to wish you merry christmas. We'd rather feature A666001, A671988, and A239069 - unseasonally good fare.

Issue 2 - 13th Dec: A second issue, and we get a cool graphic to signify our greatness. This entry featured A654392, A621505, and A665859.

Issue 1 - 6th Dec: Our debut in The Post featured A617041, and A504217. And there was much rejoicing and popping of champagne corks.

Agggag Groucho Graphic courtesy of tonsil revenge

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