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In this day and age, nearly everyone has a cell phone. Whether they actually use it for calling people is, of course, up to them. However, one of the most disturbing things about America is the teenage cell phone use. It has become a craze, a source of comfort for many insecure teens, so that they depend on it in order to be happy. If they get messages, then they are wanted. People love them and all is right in their world of crazy things, filled with things such as glowing monkeys. Many teens use their phone as a crutch. Some use it as competition with their friends as to who has the most messages. Human interaction has reached an all-time low, with instant messaging, the internet, and strip bars. Many conversations today end with the phrase "I'll IM you", "Call my cell phone", and "I could have sworn my batteries were full-". The American teen society is hooked on things that let them know where their friends are and let their friends know where they are. They have become dependent on In ten years, the next generation will probably have a portable computer screen with internet access, so that even seeing people will become a precious commodity. But at least there will still be glowing monkeys.

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