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An All 'Weird Science' Special

My favourite unacceptable Guide Entries are of the weird science variety.
Perhaps they most of all, are written in the spirit of DNA, or at least inspired by his vision.

Here's a few we've been saving for you.
Don't read them all at once or you will overload your brain.

The Dark Sucker Theory by Researcher 180756

First up is Physics.

Now here's an enlightening theory. It also solves the
'does the refrigerator light actually go out' mystery
once and for all.

New England Geography by Stephen P

Now a bit of Geology.
Reminiscent of an earlier theory on Continental Drift,
featured in these pages several months ago,
this piece is specific to the North Eastern United States,
an area known euphemistically as New England.

Asymmetric Hydrochronolgy by Jeremy FS JBB

Next, Fluid Dynamics.

The truth is revealed by observation and experience.

The First Law of Ice Cream by oldpinkdog

smiley - zen

Metaphysics perhaps?

Again, observation leads to profound conclusions a Zen way.

String Theory by Orinocco

Quantam Physics...
might be blamed for offering the suggestion that all things are cremated equal.
Here's some fresh thinking that spirals away from the centric.

The Man-Faced Manticore by Codename Nomad

Field research here may have been limited to a few episodes of
James Cameron's 'Dark Angel' or falling asleep in a pizza during the 1949 version of H.G.Well's 'Island of Doctor Moreau'.

Tape by Azermaine

Mostly mechanics ...

and maybe a bit of a sticky wicket
but, oh, how the worm has turned.
smiley - scientist

Next week:
We'll offer you a little bit of P.U.D.D.I.N.G and an introduction to
our newest member/contributor Thirdgirl
who isn't really a girl
but sure is a contributor.

Tipping our hand in the direction of players opposite, the AGG/GAG/CAC Pokerists Guild continues to proffer the pearls we've pried from the maws of h2g2 every week in the h2g2 Post. We wait with peated breath for any like-minded folk to join us.
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  • ~jwf~ thinks science will never replace religion because it makes too much sense.
  • (tonsil revenge) Remembers where he put his churchkeys.
  • =X Subcom Deidzoeb Thinks science is for sissies.
  • Spaceman Spiff Thinks.
  • Martin Remembers everything but when it's his turn.
  • Sir Bossel The greatest and grandest Scout of all! smiley - cheers.
  • Hobbes Remembers when 'old school' was a new phrase.
  • Zaphod Hasn't always existed on this plane. BOAC ticket agents are curious, too.
  • Thirdgirl - our newest protege.
  • smiley - nahnah
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