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Posted: 23rd May 2002


We're back!

Did you miss us then?

First of all, let us apologise for the sudden disappearance of the h2g2 Post last week. I hope you will forgive us. We've been working on some new things, and some changes and such. A break last week has meant that we've been able to finish them ready for launch this week.

So, what do we have for you this week then? Er, I don't know actually as I'm only writing the editorial while shazz and greebo take care of the articles; they'd be able to tell you, but they're busy. So I'll just say that I'm sure that there are many riveting reads in there, but then there always are as I'm sure you'll be well aware.

One thing we are able to do as a semi regular thing now is a Name And Shame campaign. We've now got new email addresses for the Post Staff, more about that later, and seeing as how we put them on our h2g2 office, we're able to track people who spam us! Those annoying emails that come through to your inbox and you've no idea how they got there. The ones you didn't ask for. The ones you often really don't want to receive. Spam email is becoming a real and serious problem, so we're going to let you know who's trawling h2g2 for email addresses.

This week...


This company have seen fit to send us emails without us asking for them. They have intruded on our time costing us money. And what for? Some crummy, half hearted website advertising computer courses that no one in their right mind could possibly want. Now, to really confuse them, and make them realise how annoying it is to receive spam email from people who trawl websites, here's their email address...

[email protected]

How often do you think they'll email themselves?

I shan't go into the changes we've made and those we are making here, there's an article on them.

So, on with the Post, enjoy.


There were a few problems with pictures this week - we hope to correct this problem as soon as possible.



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