The Log: Scottish Meet 11 May 2002

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As is usual for a Scottish Meet DD ends up with a pen and a scrap of paper to record events as they happen so that everyone can relive the bits of the meet that have been lost in the mists of alcohol. This time the scrap of paper was a photo that was found in Princes Street Gardens. Events in italics were added to the log after the events and times on these are approximate.

  • 1:00 The researchers start to gather.
  • 1:20 DD and FC turn up - surely it's not that late.
  • 1:40 FC leaves to collect little bro from tutor.
  • 2:30 FC and bro return.
  • 3:40 FC and bro leave.
  • 3:45 Lost in Scotland finds us.
  • 4:20 Find this photo.
  • 4:30 Told by Park Warden no balls games allowed, but drunkeness is.
  • 4:55 DD checks football scores and everyone cheers.
  • 5:05 EV frantically calls Mrs V.
  • 5:10 Jamie incoherent.
  • 5:12 Jamie tries to fall down in Princess Street Gardens.
  • 5:16 Jamie suceeds in above.
  • 5:20 Vogonpoet loses vodka to Wumbevil.
  • 5:25 Zagreb nicks Jamies pen
  • 5:28 Jamie falls over again (approx. 17th time - not all occurrances logged).
  • 5:29 Lost gives Dr. Gonzo a hair burn1
  • 5:30 Wumbevil finishes vodka.
  • 5:32 Peet supplies researchers with lollipops.
  • 5:35 All researchers enjoying lollipops, except Jamie who is too drunk to remove wrapper.
  • 5:40 Peet suggests game of see-saw Russian Roulette - place the slumbering Jamie and Wumbie on a see-saw and see who fall off first.
  • 5:44 Vogonpoet falls over.
  • 5:45 Lost buys candifloss, superdiscos, ice-cream and 2 fantas.
  • 5:49 Zagreb cleans up.
  • 5:50 Jamie claims to be the voice of rationality.
  • 5:51 Peet adds candifloss to lollipop inventing new sweet.
  • 5:52 Mrs V turns up saying this isn't the Waverley end of Princess Street Gardens.
  • 5:53 Icecream cone placed on wumbies forehead by Dr. Gonzo thus making him a unicorn.
  • 5:58 Dr G unable to read log.
  • 6:07 Dr and Mrs V leave for food, they were never seen again.
  • 6:10 Reseachers move from PSG to Holyrood Tavern.
  • 6:11 Wumbevil uses sapling as a urinal, but misses.
  • 6:12 Vogonpoet dances and lead the researchers on their way, Lost feeds his super discos in a vain attemt to slow him down.
  • 6:35 Forward party arrive at pub.
  • 6:45 Follow up party arrive.
  • 7:02 Jamie spotted drinking WATER!!!
  • 7:05 Vp wets himself, not Babel's pint.
  • 7:06 Vp mops up beer from shorts.
  • 7:08 Vp mops up slops from floor.
  • 7:16 Babel gives Vp neck and head massage.
  • 7:17 Babel moves unto Dr G
  • 7:23 Wumbie told to wake up or he'll be chucked out.
  • 7:38 Dr G starts to repeat himself from 5 hours earlier.
  • 7:39 Wumbie snogs DD.
  • 7:40 Vp makes face at pub window.
  • 7:44 Wumbie spills pint.
  • 7:45 Fords Prefect makes Dr G's 'groin wet'2
  • 7:46 DD uses Babel as ventriloquist's dummy.
  • 7:46 Almost a spill.
  • 7:47 Dr G 'I can smoke like McGill' and drops cigarette.
  • 7:50 Jamie back on hard stuff.
  • 8:01 Wumbie throws up in front of bar, staff ask us to take him home3.
  • 8:06 Dr G leaves to take Wumbie to train station.
  • 8:10 Word association game.
  • 8:38 Dr G returns.
  • 8:40 Babel kisses Dr. G.
  • 8:45 FC and bro return.
  • 8:50 Jamie says I take no responsibility for any of this really.
  • 10:25 Pegasus and Babel get a round of applause from barstaff4.
  • 12:10 Vp departs.
  • 12:11 Toast to Peets 3rd Anniversary on h2g2.
  • 12:14 Dr G falls into chair and smashes Babel's glass on floor.
  • 12:16 FC's bro mops up the mess, thank goodness one of us is sober.
  • 12:35 Researchers start to head their separate ways into the Edinburgh night5.

Further details, attendees and pictures can be found Here

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1Rubs his forearm over scalp, must have hurt by noise from Dr. Gonzo.2Further spillage.3Note for future, this is Glasgow not Newcastle4We never really found out why.5Or in the case of Wumbevil Newcastle.

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