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  • 18.04.02

    Ormy returns to give us his views on the health service amongst other things, and both Awix and Greebo are back with their regular columns.

    Wowbagger finds out the real cost of computer repairs, whilst Spimcoot reveals the best place to pitch a tent.

    AGG/GAG reaches its twentieth Anniversary Edition, Demon Drawer reveals all in forty-five words and Abi tells us about more of her h2g2 favourites.

    Kokushibyou makes Watercress Soup, and more news from 360.

    Caper Plip gives us an alternative scene from 'The Lord of the Rings', and Munchkin goes to Prague.

    The Home Space Graphics Challenge reveals another winner, poking fun at children, poetry, and finally a film quiz and another wordsearch by TIMELORD.

  • 25.04.02

    H2g2 celebrates its third birthday this week, Sense of Place launches its debut show on Sunday, and The Post gets a Deputy Editor in Greebo T. Cat.

    Ormy takes a break, but Wowbagger entertains with his version of h2g2 Limericks; spimcoot tries his hand at advertising and there's another great article from AGG/GAG.
    Pears with Hot Fudge Sauce is this weeks recipe, Greebo is once more fortune telling, Hullabaloo is creative with Vogon Poetry and Platypus gives us a write-up about the Sydney Meet.

    Light Bulb Jokes, part 1, will keep you amused, Bluebottle gives an update on Hiking Through h2g2, Demon Drawer gives us a tribute to h2g2 in 45 words, whilst JJ and Awix both review The Scorpion King and sea is seeing DNA in Chapter Ten of The Quest.

    TIMELORD brings us another wordsearch and quiz, Abi tells us what happening in the Community, Paladin tells us about the ANZAC legend and there's another update from 360.

    Parrferris tells us about Gus Honeybun, Stragbasher is in China, Pastey is beer tasting and Garibaldi moves to the USA.

  • 02.05.02

    Ormy brings us a look at the UK local elections, a fishy tale and a case of RSI, whilst Wowbagger decides not to meet Sally and Spook is this weeks winner in the Home Space Graphics Challenge.

    spimcoot is at the barbers shop, Abi picks more fun stuff and Awix gives us an insight into The Dark Crystal.

    JJ returns to LotR, sea continues her quest, Greebo tells all, and Demon Drawer acknowledges the most prolific guide writers.

    DoctorMO returns with his Weird World, Timelord quizzes us about Blackadder and this week you can laugh at haircuts.

    AGG/GAG tells us about the Green Man, learn about Dancing on Tables from lilithcookie, Adjusting to Creation from Researcher Austin 188765 and how to make Mixed Berry Puddings from our resident chef Mike.

    With another Vogon Poem by Hullabaloo, Stragbasher reaching Hong Kong and Garibaldi telling us the difference between USA and Australia, this weeks Post is packed to the brim with news and views.

  • 09.05.02

    spimcoot and sea both take a break, but Wowbagger gives us school blue's, and Ormy tells us his view on a Small World.

    Abi gives us the best on h2g2, JJ reviews Spiderman, Awix tells us About A Boy, and Greebo looks into the future.

    Demon Drawer remembers DNA in 45 Words, toilet humour makes us laugh, Stragbasher reaches China and Elly makes Rice Salad.

    More fun with Timelord, Uncle Heavy gets Weird, Hullabaloo is the Master of Verse and scaryfish tells us about Furries.

    Jamie reviews 'A Salmon of Doubt', another update from 360, a Spotty Poem and another report from AGG/GAG completes this weeks offering.

  • 16.05.02

    The Post takes a break.

  • 23.05.02

    After a week away, The Post returns with 32 articles, making it the biggest Post so far. spimcoot is still taking a break but Ormy and Wowbagger are both on top form.

    Pastey brings us news about changes to The Post, Abi tells us of her favourites on h2g2 and Demon Drawer brings us not one, but two 45 Words.

    JJ tells us the before and after of Episode II, Awix reviews Dog Soldiers, Greebo tells all and Maw brings us a brand new serial to read.

    The Quest reaches chapter twelve, a new column from the LesBiGay community, Hot Beef Curry is this weeks recipe and there is more Vogon Poetry from Hullabaloo.

    AGG/GAG presents a Wierd Science special, Woodpigeon gives some useful tips on becoming a father, more news from 360 and there are two articles on the 2002 Scottish Meet for you to enjoy.

    Talking of meets, we also bring you two reviews on the Reading Meet and Badzen tells us all about the Brisbane Meet.

    Stragbasher is still in China, more fun stuff by Timelord, Dastardly tells us about h2jargon whilst Catwoman reveals why films of books have three purposes and a heartwarming view of her 40th Anniversary by Catwoman completes this bumper edition.

  • 30.05.02

    Ormy gives us more news and views, Wowbagger is proven to be not the only one talented in his family and there is more news from AGG/GAG.

    The Quest reaches Chapter Thirteen, more from Abi, news from the LesBiGay community and DD recalls Peter I in 45 Words.

    Greebo tells all in her Horror Scope, the second installment of Future Prefect, and a meal for Four is tackled by Mike.

    Awix looks at Star Wars II, JJ reviews The New Guy, more Vogon Poetry, and Stragbashers ends his wanderings for now.

    A new feature in The Post Top Ten, books by DNA is its subject, Awix writes about the Eurovision Song Contest, Timelord brings forth yet another quiz and Wordsearch and last but not least, Spook returns with his stories.

  • 06.06.02

    Whilst Abi takes a break, Ormy and Wowbagger are on top form this week, DD looks at D-Day, Awix reviews Godzilla and JJ does her thing on About A Boy.

    Our two stories The Quest and Future Prefect continue, more news from
    Somewhere Under the Rainbow, Greebo tells your future plus a poetic view of the Golden Jubilee celebrations, and there's a laugh at Education and Exams.

    AGG/GAG goes Free, Demon Drawer tells us about Hanse Cronje and Pastey brings us Techno Babble and a round up of the World Cup so far.

    Timelord gives us something to think about, more poetry, Vogon style from Hullabaloo and the recipe is Quick and Spicy Chicken.

  • 13.06.02

    Ormy once more delves into current affairs, Wowbagger becomes musically inclined, Demon Drawer tells of Donald Budge in 45 Words and Awix gives us a review of Spiderman and the 2002 remake of The Time Machine.

    Our two part work stories, Future Prefect and The Quest continue, Abi tells us more about the community, Laugh at Soccer, and be amazed at Mystic Greebs' predictions.

    More stories from AGG/GAG, Bumblebee tells us the life story of Thor Heyerdahl, week two of the World Cup Diary, and our very own Shazz brings us a report on the the Dutch Mini Meet.

    The first results of the Post Top Ten are reported, Greebo gets creative in the h2g2 poem, and Morally Challenged Banana tells us how to make Nice and Simple Meringues.

  • 20.06.02

    Ormy is away this week, and so are Awix and JJ, so no film reviews this week.

    h2g2 Life goes to the cats this week with Furry Fury, 45 Words features the late great DeForest Jackson Kelley and the hero's of Future Prefect chat to some Dustbins.

    Our long running story The Quest enters Chapter sixteen, more fun and picks from Abi, Conchiglie alla Burina is the recipe this week and Greebo delves into the future once more.

    We laugh at What Guys Really Mean, AGG/GAG gives us The death and stupidity issue, find out how to get Hitchhikers Ringtone for Nokias and The World Cup Diary enters the third week.

    There's a new Top Ten to vote on, A Letter From Malta in The Virtual Reinhard, Inside The Towers - The World Cup by Linda, Quizes and A Wordsearch by Timelord makes this a Post not to be missed.

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