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Posted: 18th April 2002


I must be getting old!

I was engaged, with TowelMaster, to run the small bar at Het Kasteel on Saturday night. It was one of the biggest parties of the year with a popular band called Van Dik Hout playing to a full-capacity crowd. Normally shared between three workers, the duties involved serving behind the bar and DJing - plus ensuring that the room was tidy both before and after hours.

Sadly, for me, the room was in quite a state when we arrived, so I spent quite a while crawling about behind the bar clearing up the mess and debris. Not a major problem except that, at some stage, I managed to twist my back and spent the rest of the night in a somewhat uncomfortable state. The evening was a great success despite this - although it sometimes felt as though we needed two pairs of hands each instead of the assigned one pair. Still, I survived and managed to return home intact.

It was on Sunday that I realised that my back was still complaining, however. Luckily we have a heat lamp and some powerful ointment akin to Deep Heat so, with a little TLC and a rather lazy few days, I seem to have persuaded it to stop creaking and aching.

Anyway, on to this edition of The Post. Ormy returns in triumph - well worth a read - as is Awix who compensates for his absence last week with a quadrupal offering. Also making a welcome return is Greebo with two offerings; the Horror Scope and a poem. AGG celebrate their twentieth appearance with a bumper crop, but sea has decided to keep readers in suspense over who the universe's biggest DNA fan is!

Two other things worthy of note are the May Day service offered by the Hermes Messenger Service and the new fantasy land Knights of h2g2 - you can learn more about both in the Announcements section.


Stop Press! Important Message

As you know there's a tribute documentary under production and one of the people interviewed was Dave Gilmour, who said he had a video tape from the show in which Douglas appeared. Now Dave can't find the tape, and the producers (Joel and Rick) are desperate to include some video shots of Douglas in the documentary.

They need to get in touch with anyone who has video recordings of that particular show, which was at Earls Court on October 28, 1994.

Contact The Duke of Dunstable if you can help!


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