The Timelord Quiz - Pot Pourri 2 - The Solution

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Last week TIMELORD set you a pot-pourri quiz. The winners were (in no particular order) Granny Weatherwax, Madent and Polidari Wormwood who all scored an impressive 10/10. twoSHY, a first time entrant, managed 3/10 and Spook knew question 10!

  1. Q: Who played The Sleeper?
    A: Woody Allen

  2. Q: Who wrote The Lair of the White Worm?
    A: Bram Stoker

  3. Q: Who played the part of the Grand Moff Tarkin?
    A: Peter Cushing

  4. Q: In which series of films is Jack Deth the hero?
    A: Trancers

  5. Q: Who's life was dramatised in Shadowlands?
    A: CS Lewis

  6. Q: Who writes about The Stainless Steel Rat?
    A: Harry Harrison

  7. Q: Who played both Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers?
    A: Larry 'Buster' Crabb

  8. Q: Who stared in the film The Ultimate Warrior?
    A: Yul Brynner

  9. Q: Where were the Friday the Thirteenth films set?
    A: Crystal Lake

  10. Q: If Milliways is at the end of the universe what is at the begining?
    A: Big Bang Burger Bar


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