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Posted: 6th June 2002


What a week!

The biggest event of the year - so far - took place last weekend. No, not the start of the World Cup football or the Golden Jubilee. The Dutch mini meet. smiley - biggrin We hope to bring you pictures and reports in our next edition.

The occurance of the Jubilee in the UK, which resulted in a longer-than-normal 'Bank Holiday' weekend means that one or two regulars are taking a well-deserved break. Abi is one such, but do not despair - the Announcements page will hopefully keep you informed of important places to visit and upcoming meets including news of the next Official London Meet and where to go to feed your Football habit.

I must confess to becoming a couch potato on Monday and Tuesday. Meet commitments meant that I missed the Classical Concert and the weekend frivolities. First I watched the Pop at the Palace Concert in its entirity. Dubbed a concert of dinosaurs and aged popsters (although a few younger bands were thrown in for good measure), I still enjoyed nearly all of it. Brian Wilson of Beachboys fame looked either petrified through fright or old age and Tony Bennett groped his way through a speech of some sort. Mind you, this was much more amusing if you happened to have subtitling on! At the end he thanked everyone and said 'and all of Great Britain'. This, for one brief moment, was flashed on the screen as 'and awful Great Britain'. It was hastily corrected a few seconds later, but I was already rolling about laughing. I was 'turned on' to watching live events using subtitles some while ago when I found out what a difference they made to my enjoyment of the Eurovision Song Concert (I swear that they sit with a few bottles of something alcoholic when writing those particular gems!) and have continued ever since. I recommend you to try it sometime.

I digress... the fireworks! What can I say about the fireworks? Amazing, stunning, fabulous - and as many more superlatives as you can think of. I wish I had been there.

The next day started with a more solemn affair, dignified and uplifting, leading on to the brilliant, stunning Carnival held all along the Mall in the afternoon. With luck we may be able to bring you reports on all the events next week when our reporters have recovered from their holiday excesses.

Then there's the football! I must confess that I am not a big fan by any means, but I seem to have caught the fever, even though my adopted country sadly failed to qualify this time. Pape Bouba Diop - a wonderful name to go into the record books. For the full h2g2 treatment a visit to World Cup 2002 and The VSC World Cup 2002 Zone is essential! smiley - football

So, on with the Post, enjoy.




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