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Everyone has things they like and dislike, and so we at The Post have devised a cunning plan to find out what these are; by bringing you (roll of drums) The Post Top Ten.

We will provide you with a title, and hopefully you will provide us with the material to fill this space, and at the end of two weeks, we will compile everyone's list together, to come up with 'The Post Top Ten' for that subject.

E-mail your Top Ten lists to
[email protected], remembering to include your name and researcher number. We will publish some of the replies we receive each week; I look forward to hearing from you.

Books written by Douglas

So now the easy bit is out of the way, what subject do I begin this new project with? After careful thought, and a great deal of soul, I decided that it would only be appropriate to begin at the beginning of this web site, with Douglas
, whose brainwave brought us The Guide, The Post and finally this idea.

I know Douglas Adams was not the most prolific of writers, and that means that you do not have as many books to choose from as maybe there should be for a Top Ten, but even if you are only able to come up with a list of five, then please do send it in. Mister Adams',
deserves the honour of being the first, and I look forward to finding out which of his books you think deserves the number one spot.

From 'Hitch Hiker's' to 'The Salmon of Doubt', tell me which you think is the best Douglas Adams' book, in your own humble opinions. Comments about your choices will also be appreciated, after all, its good to know what you like, but its great to know why you like it.

If you haven't already written in with your favourites, then why not give it a go this week. Next week we will publish the Top Ten, so this is your last week to get those entries in.

Some of the replies received last week.
Please keep sending them in.

Top Ten by Jimi X

  1. Last Chance to See - 'Douglas has said this was his favourite and it's mine as well. Using his wit and style to examine real-world problems.'
  2. The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - 'A classic. The book that was based on the radio series that started it all.'
  3. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe - 'The perfect follow-up I still laugh out loud at some of the dialogue.'
  4. The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul - 'Any novel in which the Norse gods play an active role has got to make my top 10.'
  5. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - 'Brilliant! I loved messing around with Cooleridge's poem which is one of my favourites.'
  6. Life, The Universe and Everything - 'I'm surprised to find this book this low on my list. I loved it, just not as much as the others I guess.'
  7. So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish - 'Again, I'm surprised to see this as low as it is. I liked the book a lot - especially the love story.
  8. The Salmon of Doubt - 'This book was a bit depressing because I really loved the unfinished novel at the end and I realize that it won't ever be completed. smiley - sadface The essays and short stories I've all seen in some other format so they were nice and nostalgic as well.'
  9. Mostly Harmless - 'So very, very dark. This book had a couple of good laughs, but it was very bleak.'
  10. ' I've never read either Meaning of Liff books. smiley - sadface Though I keep meaning to by them from a second-hand bookseller, I never seem to remember to do so...'

Top Five by Jack A

  1. The Salmon of Doubt - 'Because I have not finished it yet so there is still the element of surprise.'
  2. The Meaning of Liff - 'Because it made me laugh so hard that tea came out of my nose (grim!).'
  3. The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - 'Because it is fantastic (and sort of predicted the internet).'
  4. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - 'It was a new departure and a great idea.'
  5. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe - 'Great!'

Top Five by DoctorMO

  1. Life, The Universe and Everything - 'Because it has one of the best plot lines.'
  2. Mostly Harmless - 'Although the ending was self delimitating it was still really good.'
  3. The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - 'A really good book, much recommended.'
  4. The Meaning of Liff - 'Some of the funniest things in the world are printed here.'
  5. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe - 'Because this was far to important to miss out.'

Top Five by Rupert the Observer

  1. The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - 'I think it was one of the first books that made me laugh so hard tears were coming out of my eyes.'
  2. So Long and Thanks for All the Fish. Dolphins - 'I love dolphins.'
  3. Life, the Universe and Everything - 'Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged, a dude with a true mission. Just got to love him!'
  4. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe - 'It's just marvellous.'
  5. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - 'I love ghost stories. Well, this really isn't a ghost story but it had a ghost in it. That's enough for me.'


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