The Timelord Quiz - ABCD 2 - Answers

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Here is the solution to the ABCD 2 quiz set by TIMELORD.

The winners this week are Granny Weatherwax and SNUX who both managed to answer 8/10 questions correct. Also a special mention to Kandyman who got 3/10, well done to all.

The answers are indicated in the colour Magenta
  1. Q: Which newspaper did Ken Barlow work for?

    • A: Weatherfield Post
    • B: Weatherfield Recorder
    • C: Weatherfield Courier
    • D: Weatherfield Gazette

  2. Q: Which of these horses beat Red Rum in the Grand National?

    • A: Last Suspect
    • B: Salt
    • C: West Tip
    • D: L'Escargot

  3. Q: Which of the United States is known as the Keystone State?

    • A: Utah
    • B: Pennsylvania
    • C: Vermont
    • D: Ohio

  4. Q: For which of these series did Douglas Adams write?

    • A: Doctor in Charge
    • B: Doctor at Sea
    • C: Doctor On the Go
    • D: Doctor at the Top

  5. Q: Which of these letters has no Greek equivalent?

    • A: H
    • B: S
    • C: X
    • D: Z

  6. Q: A Basai Master would be good at?

    • A: Hand to hand combat
    • B: Telling tall stories
    • C: Singing opera
    • D: Writing poetry

  7. Q: In which comic would you read Desperate Dan?

    • A: Buster
    • B: The Beano
    • C: The Dandy
    • D: The Eagle

  8. Q: Which of these is true?

    • A: Drinking wine was illegal during prohibition
    • B: Most taxi drivers still carry a rope to tie up the horse
    • C: Jon Pertwee was a stunt double for Danny Kaye - 'The drinking of alcohol was never made illegal just the selling, making and transporting of.'
    • D: Tom Baker was a stunt double for John Mills

  9. Q: Which film role did both Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing


    • A: Dracula
    • B: Frankenstein
    • C: Sherlock Holmes
    • D: The Mummy

  10. Q: Which Beatle song does the line So let it out and let it in

    • A: Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    • B: Get Back
    • C: Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band
    • D: Hey Jude


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