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Directors: Chris and Paul Weitz

Cast: Hugh Grant (Will Freeman), Toni Collette (Fiona), Rachel Weisz, Isabel Brook (Angie), Nicholas Hoult (Marcus), Victoria Smurfit (Susie).

Approximate(d) Time: I haven't a clue. (I'm so helpful, aren't I?)

Here is my weekly sponging from Greg Dean Smitz. Yay.

This is the story of Will Freeman (Grant), a 36-year-old too-hip playboy North Londoner (and heir to novelty song royalties), who seeks out relationships with single mothers because he thinks they're more desperate to find a man (and when he's done, easier to leave). Of course, all his plans go out the window when he becomes emotionally attached to a woman's (Collette) 12-year-old son... (Weisz would play another of his romantic interests)

And, as always, here's mine.

This film (as all others before it) comes with a story.

So yes, I heard about this film and thought, 'Hey! There's a new Hugh Grant film. That's great!' so, as usual, I dragged along my boyfriend and we went to our theatre of choice (The Westminster Promenade 24). After we arrived, we purchased a pair of tickets and went to see it.

It was good.

That should be the end of my review. It isn't. Do you want to know why? Well either way it doesn't matter because I'm going to tell you anyway. So shhh.

I hate Hugh Grant. Not as an actor; actually I rather like his films (Notting Hill was especially good, for instance, as was Bridget Jones' Diary. But anyway.)

I absolutely hate Hugh Grant. I just don't think that he's a very great person. I mean, he's a fine actor, and I really, really love the scripts he chooses. Really I do. But he's got crap for personality. It's like Hey! Hugh Grant! You suck! But at the end of his films, I always go 'Well that was nice, wasn't it?' and then I smile for a very very long time.

Isn't that just the oddest thing though? I mean, I hate the man, but I love his films. I just thought I'd share that.

Anyone who has yet to see this film should go and see it as quickly as possible. It's cute as all heck. It gets five out of five smiley - cheerups. Yay and horray.

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