The Timelord Quiz - Blackadder - The Solution

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Here is the solution to the Blackadder quiz set by TIMELORD.

Winner this week is FABT with 9/10. Spook managed to get 1/101 during the first week of the competition and a mystery entrant scored 3/10. Well done to all!

  1. Q: Where does the Wise Woman live?
    A: 1 Dunghill Mansions, Putney

  2. Q: What was the name of the highwayman Baldrick kept a scrap book on?
    A: The

  3. Q: With which bank did Blackadder have a loan?
    A: The bank of the Black Monks
    of St Herod

  4. Q: What was the name of The Blackadder's pet cat?
    A: Bubbles (or its full name

  5. Q: What was the greatest novel ever written according to Dr Johnson?
    A: Edmond, a Butler's Tale

  6. Q: Which doctor owns the largest leech farm in Europe?
    A: The Great Hoffman

  7. Q: Where did Baldrick stand in a Bye Election?
    A: Dunny on the Wold

  8. Q: What was Nursey's real name?
    A: Bernard

  9. Q: What was the name of General Melchett's pet pigeon?
    A: Speckled Jim

  10. Q: Where did Captain Darling work before the war?
    A: Pratt and Sons


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1Well done Spook - ed

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