JJ's Episode II: Part I

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Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones: Part I

Yes, that's right kiddos, the rumours are true, JJ got herself a pair of tickets for the 12:01 showing. JJ fought the phone lines at 9:15am on May 3rd 2002, fed in her credit card number and viola! Tickies for JJ! Yaaayyy!! Hooray hooray!

Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, if you're sitting there reading this, it probably means that you did not. So Ha. Oh, and by the by, there shall be some spoilers up ahead, so if you don't really want to know, by all means STOP READING!

Anyway! So yes, JJ has not as yet seen the movie, but has heard that it should be incredibly interesting. The character from Episode I, Mace Windu is said to have gotten some action. And he does. A lot of it. Whereas last time he simply sat about and said 'Hmmm,' and such. (Hooray for Samuel L. Jackson!)

And Yoda! Oooh, yes the little green Jedi master that we all love? He gets to kick some bum. One bad thing though; this time Yoda is all computer generated, meaning no more puppet man. However, Frank Oz still provides the voice, as he has since Star Wars Episode V, (A.K.A The Empire Strikes Back.) so there shouldn't be much change there. On the contrary, I think. Yoda is goner kick some bum with a lightsaber about the size of a tube of lipstick. Isn't that, in itself, really freaking cool?

Oh, and then there's the thing with the love story! (hooray for the love story!) Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala will, in fact, fall in love, even though Anakin is forbidden! (See, I told you there would be spoilers! Why are you still reading?!?!?) Isn't that great? Grand? Glorious?

Episode II is mostly about Anakins spiral into the forbidden and evil and bad and dangerous world of the Dark Side. Which is BAD. Because it is DANGEROUS. And SCARY. And things like that. This film promises to be far, far, far better than Episode I. By leaps and bounds. And if it isn't, I shall be very disappointed because Lucas has once again fooled me.

But either way, tonight JJ and her sister, HobbitAngel (not a patron of h2g2, so don't go looking) are going to the 12:01am showing. With colouring books and a Yoda Pez dispenser and a Jedi costume. Hooray! Expect a full report/rant (much like this one, except far, far worse... *evil laughter*). Hence the 'Part I' bit on the title thingy. Hooray!

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