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  • Dutch Mini-meet 2002

    A fortuitous visit by Linda has led to the tentative organisation of a mini-meet to celebrate the occasion (and her birthday). The 31st May is the date, Shazz and TM's pad the initial meeting point with a foray into the wilds of Het Kasteel for a Band Kabaal night. Further details will be posted soon at The Dutch Researchers Club page. Accomodation is available. Make yourself known and join the fun!


  • South-west England Meet 2002 (child-friendly)

    The main meet-up is to be at The Eden Project, on 22nd June 2002. As it is a long way for some researchers to travel, we're going to make a weekend of it! If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please let us know.

    This is going to be a family-friendly/all-ages meet, so researchers with children, or young researchers with parents(!), can all come along and have fun! For more details visit the South-west England Meet homepage.

  • Hampshire Meet

    The 2002 Hampshire Meet Up will be held in Southampton on Sunday 23rd June at the Library (opposite Watts Park) at 3pm. If you live around Hampshire and would like more details you can find them at the
    2002 Hampshire Meet Up homepage.

  • The Pennsylvania Dutch Meet

    So far the only plans appear to involve meeting somewhere in south-central Pennsylvania during the weekend of 2nd - 4th August. It's still early days, though and we're sure to have more details soon. More information and a chance to sign up can be found Here

  • Central US Researchers Group

    The planning is in the early stages, and only a possible venue has been decided, in Chicago. If you live around the Central US area and would like to know more details, then check out this conversation on the Central US Researchers Group homepage.

The Feminist Alliance

Feminists want an end to sexism and are NOT male-bashers, want to find out more then take a look at the h2g2 Feminist Alliance which hopes 'to raise awareness, and efface the negativity and stereotypes associated with feminism'.

The Virtual Supporters' Club

Want to know all about the world's most 'popular' sport, then visit The Virtual Supporters' Club, with enough information and links to please fans of football everywhere.


Why not take a look at the People United in Defence of Depression, Irritability and Natural Grumpiness. It's a new society on h2g2, who believe it is alright to feel whatever you want to feel, be it happy or sad, it might even tempt you into joining.
'PUDDING does NOT celebrate or promote sadness, we simply demand our right to express natural emotions'.

The h2g2 Hairdressers

If you feel like you need a change, and no one else can help, why not let The h2g2 Hairdressers take care of you. From nails to hair, we do the lot, with friendly staff, and a cup of coffee or tea, we will help you relax and our promise is, 'Whatever your needs we will wave our magic wands and make you feel a million dollars'.

The H2G2 Sprint

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a virtual racer, well here's your chance, visit The H2G2 Sprint and take up the challenge.

'It's just a bit of fun to explore the possibilities of virtual racing around a virtual track. The idea is to complete the H2G2 sprint track in the shortest time.'

H2G2 Radio- 42 FM

Started way back in the summer of 2001 H2G2 Radio- 42 FM - The Community's station! is about to take on a brand new lease of life.

'We're set for a re-launch in May, and have quite a number of staff, but we still have position's to be filled - we want people to take the small jobs like cleaning, guards, receptionists.. there are only so many of us who can be technicians and engineers!'

The Alphabet Sentence Challenge

Could you write a 26-word sentence, making sure that the initial letters of each successive word, constitutes the entire alphabet in the correct order. If you think you would like to give it a go, then visit The Alphabet Sentence Challenge

Community Job Slot

Ever wanted to help out on some of the Community projects around h2g2, then go to the Community Job Slot.
'On h2g2 job vacancies often occur for various Community Activities. They can range from running a weekend activity, to running a club or society. We've decided that we need somewhere to advertise these jobs.'

Community Art

If you know of any artwork on h2g2 other than those in the official Picture Library then theCommunity Art page would like to hear from you. They need your help in finding the art already on the h2g2 server, but not listed anywhere.
'Here in the office we're just bursting with pride over our Community Artists and their artwork. So much so, that we are want to give Community Art its own categorisation system.'

Society Against Weather Discrimination

If you love rain and cloudy skies then take a look at the Society Against Weather Discrimination.
'For those of us who abhore hot sunny days. For those of us who love the rain. For those of us to whom 'fine' isn't fine.'

The Wall

Write a message to the community on a brick and see it preserved for posterity on the h2g2 Wall.
'Messages need to be quite short, and there is NO advertising, but you can choose your own colour.'

The Cheshire Grin Inn

The Cheshire Grin has been re-opened and everybody is invited to pop in and have a drink and chat, or join in the Pub Quiz that runs from Tuesday until Saturday every week.

The Environmental Society

The Environmental Society welcomes all h2g2 and sense-of-place site members, to the brand new Environmental Society. This hopes to be a place where members of all the various dna sites can come together and meet others with an interest in the environment.

The Knights of h2g2

A welcome new addition to h2g2 is this recently formed fantasy land conceived by Mystrunner. Aspiring knights should grab a charger and ride, post haste, to The Gateway to claim their knighthood, position and place in h2g2 fantasy history.

Special Sites at this time


  • The new, improved Post Links Page
    points you towards the best of h2g2. Everything from information and campaigns to eating and drinking venues, virtual lands or clubs.

  • The Post Archives are a repository for all things Post related... now revamped and divided into easy-to-follow categories, they are ever expanding and well worth a visit!

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