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Give us a h, give us a 2, give us a g, give us a 2...

A Manchester United player looks understandably anguished as an opponent kicks him on the chin. Welcome to The Virtual Supporters' Club! This page is a celebration of this planet's most popular sport. Which is, of course, football - or, if you're North American, soccer.

It's a place for all of us here at h2g2 who, despite being sane and reasonable individuals, nevertheless enjoy some of our most truly passionate moments dressed in tribal colours, shouting at complete strangers who can't hear us, and watching football.

As you can see, the Club features lots of links to football-related resources both inside and outside h2g2 - and you can, of course, start discussions on any current football issue you like in the Forums at the bottom of the page.

That is, in fact, the whole idea of The Virtual Supporters' Club - and so far, we've all managed to keep the discussions vibrant but not vicious, despite the fact the we all support different teams. Let's keep it that way! smiley - ok

I should own up to my own allegiances. When I was eight years old, I fell in love with
Bradford City. More than 30 years on, I still rarely miss a home game at Valley Parade. It's quite easy now, since I live no more than 15 minutes' walk from the stadium.

I also have a soft spot for Leyton Orient, having been a regular visitor to Brisbane Road during a 15-year exile in London. And now that I'm back up north, I like to take in the occasional Unibond League game at Guiseley.

Enough of my problems! smiley - bigeyes I hope you enjoy this page - and please join in the discussions in the Forums.

You'll never post alone. smiley - cheers

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smiley - footballsmiley - planetsmiley - footballsmiley - moonsmiley - footballThe h2g2 Galaxy of Football smiley - footballsmiley - aliensmilesmiley - footballsmiley - marssmiley - football

Read all about it! Many different aspects of football have inspired h2g2 Guide entries. There are entries on every World Cup and on humbler competitions like The Football Conference. There are also entries on clubs from Arsenal to Woking, on aspects of football culture like Football Terrace Songs and Chants, and on the eternal mysteries of The Offside Rule in Football.

All this and much, much more can be found at The h2g2 Galaxy of Football, your directory of links to football entries here on h2g2.

International football authorities smiley - footballsmiley - earth

FIFA: The global rulers of smiley - football.

UEFA: The European governing body.

CAF: Confédération Africaine de Football: the African football federation.

CONCACAF: In charge in North and Central America and the Caribbean.

Asian Football Confederation

Oceania Football Confederation

Football facts and statistics smiley - geeksmiley - football

Rec. Sport Soccer Statistics Foundation: Domestic and international results and statistics from all over the world. Football history, results and statistics.

Planet Football: In-depth OPTA statistics from the leading European leagues.

Soccerbase: Up-to-date and archived results, team line-ups, club details and statistics from Britain and Europe.

Goalkeepers Are Different: All about the last line of defence.

Football News smiley - thepostsmiley - football

World football news

BBC Sport - Football

Sporting Life - Football


Planet Football

Women's Soccer World

Football Transfers Information

UK Football News


Guardian Football

Welsh Premier League Football

Welsh Football Magazine

Dragon Soccer: News of the Welsh national team.

Non-League Daily: English non-league news.

Scottish Non-League Online

The culture of football smiley - artistsmiley - football

Football Culture: A great site about the culture surrounding football around the world, brought to you by the BBC and the British Council.

Football Poets: Football-flavoured verse from The Stroud Football Poets.

The National Football Museum: Preston's great treasure-house of footie history.

UK football smiley - alesmiley - porkpiesmiley - football

The authorities

The Football Association

The Scottish Football Association

The Football Association of Wales

Irish Football Association: The Northern Ireland FA.

The Nationwide League

The Scottish Premier League

The Scottish Football League

The Referees' Association

The players

The Professional Footballers' Association: The English players' trade union.

The fans

Let's Kick Racism Out Of Football: A campaign with aims all decent footie fans will support.

Supporters Direct: The umbrella organisation for UK clubs' Supporters' Trusts.

The Famous Football Supporters' Page: A club-by-club guide to celebrity supporters.

The grounds

The Internet Football Ground Guide: Comprehensive information on every Premiership and Nationwide League ground, and what each one is like to visit.

The Scottish Football Ground Guide: Full information on grounds in the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish League.

Football around the world smiley - earthsmiley - football

AUSTRALIA: Football Federation Australia
AUSTRIA: Austrian Football Association
BELGIUM: Royal Belgian Football Association
BRAZIL: Futebol
BULGARIA: Bulgarian Professional Football League
CANADA: Canadian Soccer Association
CZECH REPUBLIC:Football Association of the Czech Republic
FRANCE: French Football News
GERMANY: Deutscher Fussball-Bund
HUNGARY: Hungarian Football Federation
ICELAND: Football Association of Iceland
ISRAEL: Israel Football Association
ITALY: Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio
JAMAICA: Jamaica Football Federation
JAPAN: Japan Football Association
MALTA: Malta Football Association
NEW ZEALAND: New Zealand Football
NIGERIA: Kick Off Nigeria
NORWAY: Norwegian Football Association
PALESTINE: Palestine Football Association
POLAND: Polish Football Association
REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: Football Association of Ireland
RUSSIA: Football Union of Russia
SOUTH AFRICA: Premier Soccer League
SOUTH KOREA: Korea Football Association
SPAIN: Soccer-Spain
SWEDEN: Swedish Football Association
TURKEY: Turkish Soccer

Club culture

Below are links to the official sites for every club in the FA Premiership and Scottish Premier League.

The Premiership

Aston Villa
Blackburn Rovers
Bolton Wanderers
Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Norwich City
Queen's Park Rangers
Stoke City
Swansea City
Tottenham Hotspur
West Bromwich Albion
Wigan Athletic
Wolverhampton Wanderers

The Scottish Premier League

Dundee United
Dunfermline Athletic
Heart Of Midlothian
Inverness Caledonian Thistle
St. Johnstone
St. Mirren

smiley - footballsmiley - starThe Virtual Supporters' Club First Team Squad smiley - footballsmiley - star

Here are some of the h2g2 Researchers who believe, as Chelsea once sang, that 'Football is the game'. If you believe that too and you'd like to join the squad, then take a look through the drop-down list below, select a hitherto unclaimed squad number, and post at the bottom of the page to get your squad number. Don't forget to subscribe to this page too so you can join in the discussions here and really join the squad!

Select A VSC Squad Member1. Ormondroyd2. Gedge3. Demon Drawer4. Master B5. murraygray6. GreyDesk
7. Old Uncle Zarniwoop
8. LeviPuma8+1. Ferrettbadger9. Lochangel
9½. Caper Plip10. The Nitpicker12. Yakusmaximus14. Otto Fisch15. Ste16. Kiltedjedi17. Megachedda18. Vercingetorix19. emlar20. summerbayexile21. Spook22. Lord Smooth23. Psycorp60325. riotact27. Amy the Ant28. Number Six29. DannySim30. OB1 Knordic31. Bottletop33. Egon34. McKay The Disorganised42. Orcus44. Captain Kebab66. me[Andy]g69. Nirvanite73. The Snockerty Friddle88. Wotchit99. Alfredo Marquez0. Tonto

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