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"Tomorrow will be another beautiful day..."

" will be cool, overcast and with a possible chance of rain."

Do you ever believe you'll hear that statement on a Weather report? It's unlikely isn't it? It appears that in order to become a "Weatherperson"* you must equate 'sunny day' with 'beautiful'. There are no further qualifications necessary. It doesn't matter if it's hot enough to melt lead, if it's sunny, it's a beautiful day.


Things are stacked against us from the beginning. When asked how we are we may very well say "fine" if we feel good, but when it comes to the weather "fine" means only one thing "clear skies"*. Well this has to stop. 'Fine' should mean a good day, and if this happens to mean 'cloudy with rain' then so be it!

A slight change of direction?

Well this is a page for those of us who think otherwise. For those of us who abhore hot sunny days. For those of us who love the rain. For those of us to whom 'fine' isn't fine.

Thus said the original version of the introduction. However as Clelba pointed out "...but i'm a little unhappy that people here seem to dislike the sun in favour of rain. why not love all weather?"

And indeed, why not? If we're to be against Weather Discrimination then I guess we should be against all forms of Weather Discrimination. "Fine" can mean 'Sunny' but it shouldn't mean that exclusively. After all, I did say something similar earlier.

A new name? Or keep the old one?

I (perhaps foolishly) made the statement that we need a new Acronym, after all (I said) SAWD just doesn't cut it. Inadvertantly I think I made a pun as Researcher 193465 immediately pointed out that "...the pen is is always mightier than the SAWD". So perhaps SAWD isn't so bad after all? What do you folks think?


And still those joining The Cause pour in*.

  • doreiwolf - That's me!
  • Abi - who loves thunderstorms.
  • Spudman - who loves all inclement weather.
  • manda111 - "the wetter the better". I can't disagree.
  • Panther - "Thunderstorms are just the way that Mother Nature clears her throat".
  • Nyree Rose
  • King Cthulu of Balwyniti - "There's nothing better than a good thunderstorm... exept possibly walking in soft rain".
  • eska
  • Sprangle - "sun sun go away come again another day".
  • Clelba - Who likes all weather equally.
  • Pheloxi - Who got lost somewhere along the line (sorry)

Just learning to crawl

Currently this entire page is in it's infancy. There is no real society as of yet, there is no constitution, no manifesto, nothing but a few ideas banging around in my head.

What should be here? Why don't we all throw in some ideas and see what comes out?

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