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Here in the office we're just bursting with pride over our Community Artists and their artwork. So much so, that we've given the Community Art its own library. You can find it here. However, there is more art to find, and we need to have the B-numbers of the pictures (which we all call 'blobs') to be able to add them.

How To Find Blobs

To help you, here's a link to the back issues of The Post, h2g2's Community newspaper. It would really help if you could pick an issue to read through, and make a note of any blobs that you find. Then, post the B-numbers to a conversation below.

What We Have Found So Far...

Here is the art that we have been able to keep track of. However, we don't think that this is all of it. If anybody knows of any pictures that we have not included here, can you let us know the blob number, a brief desciption, and the category you think it should go in.

Please note: a few people have asked why we haven't put direct links on the blob numbers - this is beacuse, once we've found all the 'missing' blobs we're hoping to set up a Community art library in the same way that we have the Edited Entry art in the picture library. This is to catalogue them, not to make them acessible just yet (not that we're stopping you from using them).

Fish by Amy the Ant

  • B893918 - 6th form studies
  • B893919 - Announcements
  • B893920 - Classified ads
  • B893921 - DVD fish
  • B893922 - Film review
  • B893924 - Yellow fish
  • B893925 - Greebo t. Cat
  • B893927 - Ormy
  • B893929 - Poet
  • B893930 - Queue (fragilis)
  • B923541 - bluebottle
  • B923543 - Bluefish
  • B923549 - Spotty yellow fish
  • B923552 - President
  • B923554 - Redfish

The Post

  • B755629 - 1-2-1 Interview
  • B755632 - Arrow pointing down
  • B755633 - Editorial
  • B755634 - Editorial (small)
  • B755635 - Features
  • B755636 - Features (small)
  • B755637 - Field Critic Fun Run
  • B755639 - Interactive Horoscope
  • B755643 - h2g2 Post
  • B755644 - The h2g2 Post
  • B755645 - Regulars (small)
  • B755647 - Rejection Slips
  • B755648 - Think tank by Dan
  • B755649 - Virtual Mayor campaign by Dan
  • B763262 - Agony Aunt by Wowbagger
  • B763264 - Agony Aunt (small) by Wowbagger
  • B763277 - h2g2 Post
  • B763280 - Regulars
  • B763282 - Roving Reporter (small)
  • B763287 - Take 5 by Sporkulious Eglon
  • B763290 - Wowbagger
  • B763335 - Beach scene
  • B814290 - Roving Reporter by Redbeard
  • B849868 - Say 'I love you in The Post' by Sporkulious Eglon
  • B893922 - Movie Review DoctorMO
  • B1135337 - Ask Prof
  • B1175416 - Meaningless writing (Aaron O'Keefe) by DoctorMO
  • B1194824 - Eye (Big Bandwagon) by DoctorMO
  • B1218960 - Eye (Big Bandwagon) by DoctorMO
  • B1436183 - 24 Lies a Second by DoctorMO
  • B1436190 - Stories from Spook by DoctorMO
  • B1457852 - The end of space by DoctorMO
  • B1517216 - MaW's Musings by MaW
  • B1591766 - h2g2 Story Time by DoctorMO
  • B1591767 - Island in the Sun by DoctorMO
  • B1611971 - Birthday Post by DoctorMO
  • B1614496 - The Trickster by DoctorMO
  • B1820628 - Speech Bubble Burst by DoctorMO
  • B1820648 - Valentine's Day card by Sporkulious Eglon
  • B1891776 - Weird World by DoctorMO


  • B814278 - Church of the True Brownie
  • B814279 - (Marv the Great) Arch Bishop of the Church of the True Brownie by Kumabear
  • B820605 - Mt. Muwemu by Amy the Ant
  • B820606 - h2g2 waterworks fountain by Bluebottle
  • B820607 - h2g2 waterworks beach by Amy the Ant
  • B820608 - h2g2 waterworks sewers by Asteroid Lil
  • B820609 - h2g2 waterworks swimming pool by Amy the Ant
  • B820610 - h2g2 waterworks river by Amy the Ant
  • B820611 - h2g2 waterworks by Amy the Ant
  • B820620 - Crossed Purposes by Asteroid Lil
  • B820621 - Musicians Guild
  • B820622 - Procrastinators Society
  • B822236 - Hotel Chrome by Asteroid Lil
  • B822239 - h2g2 Parade sign
  • B822288 - 24-Seven Convenience Store sign
  • B822289 - Cheshire Grin
  • B822290 - Space Centre Float
  • B822291 - Spaceship by Redbeard
  • B822292 - Spaceship (damaged) by Redbeard
  • B822319 - Church of Weekendism by Redbeard
  • B822320 - Church of Weekendism notice by Redbeard
  • B827656 - The Aroma Cafe by Asteroid Lil
  • B827661 - Aroma Cafe float by Asteroid Lil
  • B827663 - Mug shots by Asteroid Lil
  • B827678 - Forum & Firkin by Redbeard
  • B1397259 - Programmers Corner by DoctorMO
  • B1591785 - h2g2 waterworks postcard by Amy the Ant
  • B1591788 - h2g2 waterworks map by Amy the Ant
  • B1779211 - Area 42
  • B1843742 - AGG/GAG DoctorMO


Virtual Election Campaign

Back issues checked:

  • 1-30
  • 71-73
  • 92

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