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Here on h2g2 job vacancies often occur for various Community Activities. They can range from running a weekend activity, to running a club or society. We've decided that we need somewhere to advertise these jobs, so welcome to the Community Job Slot! smiley - smiley

Current Vacancies

Helpers for Whoami?'s New Researcher Centre

Whoami? is after a 'newbie' to help him to make the NRC as easy to use as possible. The only skills that this helper should need is being able to post to conversations, and to create text-based entries. It is an *advantage* if the newbie is very recently signed up.

Alternative House Rules

The Alternative House Rules are an interpretation of the official House Rules, deduced from comments made by the Editorial team and Moderation decisions, made by Researchers. Lucinda is willing to relinquish the editing rights to another Researcher who is willing to take the pages on.

How to apply

Start (or join in) a conversation below, and we'll make sure that you're put in touch with the Researcher who needs you.

Please post your Virtual CVs to this entry.


Mina's CV

Time on h2g2: 2½ years

Previous Experience: Ran The Classic Goo Fan Club for 1½ years, and the h2g2 Super Heroes for 6 months.

I've written an article for The Post - Sex in Amsterdam.

I've got a good grasp of GuideML, although not the gadgets, I know enough to write my own entries. I'm also regularly on the site, visiting every day.

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Infinite Improbability Drive

Infinite Improbability Drive

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