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Fight for your right to be grumpy!Cheer up? WHY?!?People United in Defence of Depression, Irritability and Natural Grumpiness

You can look on the bright side. Or you can look here.

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We will have a nice day when we're good and ready, NOT when you order
us to do so! And we will not cheer up - because it probably will happen!
smiley - steam

smiley - grrHello, and welcome to P.U.D.D.I.N.G.. smiley - grr

The heart of the matter

This society was formed as a result of a discussion about a story reported in a 'Notes From a Small Planet' column in 'The h2g2 Post'. It concerned Janice Hathy, a stress management expert from Kalamazoo, Michigan, who reportedly wanted to launch an annual event called The Great American Grump Out - during which grumpiness would be banned. People would be fined if caught frowning, and forced to wear special hats if caught being unhappy.

Ms Hathy has since launched her event, but has insisted that she was misrepresented. In a broadcast confrontation with the founder of P.U.D.D.I.N.G., aired on BBC Radio Five Live, she has said that her event is all for charity and that no curmudgeons are persecuted in the pursuit of this fund-raising. Frankly, we remain sceptical about this. smiley - cross

Whatever, P.U.D.D.I.N.G. remains pertinent and proud. Our point is that sometimes in this life, you have good reason to feel stressed or depressed. That's bad enough in itself, without being forced to force a smile. Yet all too often, simple sadness seems to be regarded as pathological, and any expression other than an inane grin seen as downright rude.

And, frankly, that makes us pretty tetchy. smiley - cross

Now please don't misunderstand us, because that would really put us in a bad mood. P.U.D.D.I.N.G. does NOT celebrate or promote sadness. Depression is an illness, and it's quite right to seek to overcome depression. We simply demand our right to express natural emotions. The show will not necessarily go on. We will not be bullied into grinning and bearing it.

And if you're going to tell us to 'cheer up' smiley - cheerup - try telling us why the smiley - bleep we should cheer up while you're at it! Otherwise, quite frankly... well, we just might get a bit grumpy.smiley - tomatosmiley - cheerup


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Want to join us? If you feel that you have the right grumpy stuff to be a portion of P.U.D.D.I.N.G., then just post a message here in The P.U.D.D.I.N.G. Sign-Up Thread.

Once you've joined our great grumpy gang, you can get your 'I'm a Portion of P.U.D.D.I.N.G.' badge by following the instructions in this thread:

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P.U.D.D.I.N.G. on the radio!

You're listening to Radio P.U.D.D.I.N.G.!

On May 27, 2003, BBC Radio Five Live hosted a dramatic clash of cultures. The founder of P.U.D.D.I.N.G. was pitted against the dreaded Dr Janice Hathy, founder of 'The Great American Grump Out', on the Up All Night programme.

If you dare, you can read an account of the conflict and a full transcript of the confrontation here: P.U.D.D.I.N.G. Hits The Airwaves!. smiley - yikes

Help write The P.U.D.D.I.N.G. Anthem! smiley - sadfacesmiley - musicalnotesmiley - grr

P.U.D.D.I.N.G. members piecing together another magnificently melancholy minor chord.

The world is full of uplifting, energising music. It's time we fought back. smiley - grr

To that end, I've started constructing The P.U.D.D.I.N.G. Anthem. In a cunning act of subversion, I've used the melody of one of the most un-P.U.D.D.I.N.G. songs ever written - Bobby McFerrin's vile 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'. Needless to say, the tone of the P.U.D.D.I.N.G. version is a little different... smiley - devil

Now all it needs is your input! Why not take a look at the Anthem and post your own additional lyrics at the bottom? Together we can build a truly epic musical moan!

Heroes of P.U.D.D.I.N.G. smiley - starsmiley - sadfacesmiley - grrsmiley - starsmiley - sadfacesmiley - grrsmiley - starsmiley - sadfacesmiley - grr

Radiohead. Now that's what P.U.D.D.I.N.G. calls music!

Here's where we pay tribute to some of the characters, real and fictional, who have truly shown the right, grumpy stuff. They may have achieved huge success, but it hasn't made them go around grinning at everyone. Indeed, some of them have achieved levels of morose ill-humour and consistent crabbiness that can only be described as truly inspirational.

All hail the Heroes of P.U.D.D.I.N.G.! smiley - grovelsmiley - sadface

Wednesday Addams1

Dave Allen

Dr. John Becker2

Samuel Beckett

Ingmar Bergman


Al Bundy3

Eric Cartman4

Nick Cave

Leonard Cohen

The Daleks5


Jack Dee

Daffy Duck

Donald Duck

Bob Dylan


Sir Alex Ferguson6

W.C. Fields7

Foamy The Squirrel

Kinky Friedman


Alf Garnett8

Bob Geldof

Grumpy Old Men

Grumpy Old Women

Captain Haddock9smiley - schooloffish

The Klingons10

Fran Lebowitz

Tom Lehrer


Sir Paul McCartney11

Stella McCartney

Victor Meldrew12


Alanis Morissette

Van Morrison


Inspector Morse

Oscar The Grouch14

Harvey Pekar15

Princess Annesmiley - pony

Prince Philipsmiley - footinmouth


Lou Reed


Anne Robinson

Jean-Paul Sartre17

Will Self

The Smiths

Lemony Snicket

Lucy Van Pelt18

Gore Vidal

Sam Vimes19

The Vogonssmiley - alienfrown

Yosemite Sam

smiley - skullEnemies of P.U.D.D.I.N.G.smiley - skull

Sickening, the lot of 'em.

Wanted for aggravated, premeditated chirpiness. Rarely seen without a smile or a smirk. Persistently perky. We name the grinning goons that make P.U.D.D.I.N.G. members even grumpier than usual.

Some are all too real. Others are fictional, but no less infuriating because of it. They range from politicians to children's TV characters, but they're united by pathological positivism.

They're all Enemies of P.U.D.D.I.N.G..

smiley - sadfacesmiley - grrsmiley - tomatosmiley - tomatosmiley - tomatosmiley - biggrin


David Beckhamsmiley - tomatosmiley - runsmiley - football

The 'Cheer Up' Smileysmiley - flansmiley - cheerup

Edwina Currie

Paige Davis21

Doris Day

Ned Flanders22

Ainsley Harriottsmiley - flansmiley - chef

Timmy Mallett

Ronald McDonaldsmiley - tomatosmiley - clownsmiley - burger

Bobby McFerrin23

Su Pollard


Mary Poppins

Postman Pat24smiley - blackcat

Frank Skinner

Carol Smillie


The Teletubbies

Anthea Turner

Proud portions of P.U.D.D.I.N.G.

Life? Don't talk to us about life.

Say it loud, we're grumpy and we're proud:

Choose a curmudgeonAbbi NormalABitB-londeAcendantAdelaide the Cat WomanAdrian-67AlecTricianametropiaAmy PawloskiAnnaThe Anonymous Researcherarrietty42Asteroid LilAtlantic_CableAuralyraAvenging WashclothBainBob The FarmerbobstaffordBritwannabeBrown Eyed GirlCaptain KebabCaptain_SpankMunkiChangelingChauncey Owlatron-ThundercatCheerful Dragon**chorlton**ChrisTheSpydachupitoCleoClioClive the Flying OstrichCogsCorporal YosarianCosmic_Llama(crazyhorse)creachyCrozDaizzyDamien YukaidaralineDarkListenerDarth ZaphodThe Death Of RatsDr. E. VibensteinDr. Megabitedragonqueen(egnever lisnot)eldelphiaElwyn_CentauriEmmiemmilyEnglishman in MarseilleEnsign PhilEonBlueApocolypseEvadne CakeFilthyCrabThe FishFlirbnyFootbaconfordsfundamentallyflawedGaliganGoshoogoshoogoshGreta_9GreyDeskGT BacchusGwennieHatiHelelou2Hellboundforjoyhighlander2371His Divine ShadowHuggy BearHussassanHypatiaimprobable_causeIrvWashirwebbyismarahJabJ'au-æmneJedi ApprenticeJeremy FS JBBJodanJulesKJutimskipjwfkalindraKatKazkim dealkitushlaconianLady LowenaLady MagpyeLearLeviPumaLifson KofieLighthousegirl UKLittleMissFordPrefectLochangelLoneFaeryLynneMadam_ConeMadmanThe Magnificent Colonel CodpieceMalcolm, Colin's Evil TwinMandragora Scrymiddenmaniac1701dMarvin the Paranoid Androidmastershelley2MasvaleixMattPMaWMegaCheddaMidnight AngelmindchathamMistdancerMister RainbowMortmozelda Mr. Cyde Mr. DreadfulMunchkinMustard SeedMutantNaakNarapoiaNavigatorblacknollyoOpticalillusionOracle428OrmondroydOttoxParrferrisPeet (the Pedantic Punctuation Policeman)PedboyPinkyPuffypantsRalph the Wonder LlamaReefgirlThe Rev. Jack RussellRoadkillrockcheekychimp50001rosiroymondoSantragenius VThe Seagull Has LandedSeraphinaShhhhh2SnailrindSneakyspawn of grinchSpellerSprantStealth KamStrange RaineSusanneSwivTabitcaTáralómë MacHeadTasterainbowsTefkatTitaniaToccataTrin TragulaTube2LegsuffdamaidaUncle HeavyVeers RevettViceChancellorGriffinVortexWanderingAlbatrossWee Mickey-Tam (Small son of mozelda)whirlwind, heat and flashwildcat58WildmanWowbadger the spelling mistakexanthippiyamsharkZZagrebZanticzaphobZhora

Cantankerous Cats' Corner smiley - catsmiley - blackcat

A P.U.D.D.I.N.G. cat with a bird that sang a bit too cheerfully.

Do you know a morose moggy? Is your four-legged friend a foul-tempered feline? Is your pet a petulant pussycat? Does no amount of smiley - schooloffish improve their temper?

Then tell P.U.D.D.I.N.G. about them, and let them get the acclaim they deserve! Have them inducted into Cantankerous Cats' Corner, P.U.D.D.I.N.G.'s special section for sour pusses!

Aidan Phoenix
Max & Robert27
Mitz & Max

Disgruntled Dogs' Den smiley - dogsmiley - grr

A P.U.D.D.I.N.G. puppy gets its teeth into telecommunication.

Do you know a dog with a hangdog expression? A petulant pooch? A malevolent mutt? A dog who is no man's best friend?

Then tell P.U.D.D.I.N.G. about them, and they can be housed in our virtual kennels for crabby canines - the Disgruntled Dogs' Den!


1Of the very wonderful Addams Family.2The grumpy doctor smiley - doctor from the American sitcom Becker.3The fractious father from Married... With Children.4The young, corpulent curmudgeon from South Park.5From Doctor Who. (Be honest, aren't there people who make you want to borrow their catchphrase and shout 'Exterminate! Exterminate!'?)6Whatever your feelings towards Manchester United FC, their manager's remarkable ability to remain dour, surly and irritable in the face of great wealth and success cannot be denied.7The great comic actor, who once said: 'Start the day with a smile and get it over with'. That's the spirit!8The loud-mouthed, self-pitying bigot portrayed by Warren Mitchell in the long-running, controversial BBC sitcom Till Death Us Do Part and its sequel In Sickness And In Health. P.U.D.D.I.N.G. absolutely does not endorse the opinions spouted by Alf in those shows, but does salute him as a great example of grumpiness.9The manic mariner and master of expletives from Hergé's Adventures Of Tintin.10The somewhat aggressive alien race from Star Trek.11Formerly an Enemy of P.U.D.D.I.N.G., Sir Paul earned a transfer to the Heroes section of this page following his fracas with a photographer under David Blaine's perspex box. Further respect is due for his decision to change the credits on some songs long regarded as 'Lennon/McCartney' compositions to 'McCartney/Lennon'. This shows that Sir Paul has an admirable ability to maintain a grudge through the decades, and even beyond the grave. Finally, we feel confident that having a new baby to cope with in one's seventh decade is enough to keep anyone grumpy.12Of One Foot In The Grave.13Who serves smiley - ale without a smile in The Simpsons.14Who does a fine job teaching small children how to be grumpy in Sesame Street.15The star of the comic book and movie American Splendor, Harvey is a self-described curmudgeon who even managed to be grumpy about being nominated for an Oscar.16The cowardly, perpetually miserable wizard smiley - wizard in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. Fans of those books might like to visit h2g2's Pratchetts Anonymous.17Who famously said 'Hell is other people'. How very true! smiley - grr18Of Charles M. Schulz's classic cartoon strip Peanuts.19The heroically grumpy police chief in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books.20smiley - musicalnoteI moan at you, you moan at me, we're a grumpy family...smiley - musicalnote21Relentlessly bouncy presenter of the American TV show Trading Spaces.22 The annoying-a-diddly neighbour in The Simpsons.23A fine musician, but 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' is unforgivable.smiley - yuk24I ask you! He has a lousy, badly-paid job that involves getting up before dawn and risking getting savaged by dogs - and he never stops smirking! smiley - yuk25Who manages to stay heroically grumpy despite the best efforts of his annoyingly sweet and kittenish sister Flossie.26Queen of Hill Road and the surrounding Flat Lands. See dragonqueen's Personal Space for illustration and details.27Who are sharing a link as they are both the feline companions of Muv.28Feline friend of Reefgirl, and owner of a particularly mean meow.29Canine companion of wildcat58. There is some uncertainty about who is the owner and who is the pet.

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