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Cat with bird in its mouth coming through cat flap.A cat with a ball in its mouth.Black Cats SPIGGY

I am very handsome, so I have put together some pictures so you can admire my good looks.
Pictures of Me

smiley - blackcatsmiley - blackcatsmiley - blackcatsmiley - spaceMy Familysmiley - spacesmiley - blackcatsmiley - blackcatsmiley - blackcat

I also put together a few pictures of my family too. My big brother Jaffa has gone away to the 'big cat place in the sky' now, but we still love him and miss him.
Family Photos

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Sir Mort (my mum, with a silly name!)

  • Food!
  • Sleeping!
  • More food
  • Catnip mice
  • Waking up my mum by sticking my feet in her eyes!
  • More sleeping

smiley - blackcatsmiley - blackcatsmiley - blackcatsmiley - spaceThings I Hatesmiley - spacesmiley - blackcatsmiley - blackcatsmiley - blackcat

  • Being cold
  • Being hungry
  • When my sister jumps on my mums knee before I can
  • Taking my tablets
  • Getting ear drops put in

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