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smiley - wizardWelcome to Pratchetts Anonymous -- a wizzard club to be in.smiley - wizard

Pratchett's Anonymous

Library books on a shelfHello and welcome to Pratchett's Anonymous. We sill sit around and talk about Pratchett, and this is all you really need to know about us. Well, I say we only talk about Pratchett. I'm lying. It's more that we occasionally go off on a tangent. There I go lying again. We occasionally stop going off on a tanget, and talk about Pratchett. Meandering, is the word I am looking for here.

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Think you know your Pratchett? Do ya? Do ya? Take the Bigger than Medium Quiz Quiz, created by T.B. Falsename.

Or, if you fancy trying your hand at childrens' books, take the Mr. Bunnsey Quiz

Pratchett Reviews

Some of you may know that we've recently started reviewing the books of Terry Pratchett (Discworld only at the moment). If you'd like to join in feel free -- in fact please do join in. We're seriously under reviewer'd. If you're not sure what is most useful to us to read or re- read next, come along. In any case make sure that here's where you go.

Remaining Books

The Rincewind/Wizards Books

The Light Fantastic

The City Watch Books


The Witches/Lancre Books


Independent Characters


De Cheloniam Mobile

Science of the Discworld II

We may shortly be moving on to non-Discworld books! Interesting times we live in, indeed. However, it'd be nice if we could just mop up these last few books! smiley - wow

Some Funny Little Stuff

Perhaps you have read Night Watch. If so, you should notice that the cover is a very cunning spoof of a painting by Rembrandt (which can be seen on the back cover of the book. For more information, see the page that Geggs has written about it.


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