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smiley - angelGet your temples! Get 'em while they're holy! Get your temples! Come on! Roll up! Anyone? Please? HALLLOOOOOOOOOOOO!smiley - devil


A teddy bear dressed as a priest
Is your immortal soul in need of a brush up? Do you feel the need for sprititual help? Would you like to be religious, but don't like the current religions? If so, claim your temples, and start a new religion here! Calling it a temple is not obligatory, you can have a church, or a school of thought, but a temple sounds more impressive. You can have a temple to dedicated yourself (essentially a fan club), but it can be to something else e.g. a band, though if you want to do that it's probably better to become Keeper of it. Oh, yeah, and tell me where you want me to link to, like your space or a special page devoted to whatever. When you have your temple, please link to the Avenue from it or from your personal space. Finally, please don't request the same thing as anyone elsesmiley - grovel.

See Also: the Star Trek Ship Page.

The Avenue Itself

The Temple of Can'tbebotheredism was founded by Roadkill.smiley - zzz

The Temple of Falsenamism was founded by T.B. Falsename, Sir TB of Cunninglinguist aka stercusstercusstercusmoritussum. 1*7+0*1+1(8-2).

The Temple of Confusionism was founded by Arthbard Vootenoy.smiley - erm

The Temple Beth Water was founded by tonsil revenge.

The Church Of Weekendism was founded by Archangel Big 'Evil' Dan.

The Temple of VIPER was founded by The Wargamer.

The Temple of Sheepsmiley - sheep was set up by Galen.

The Temple of Witticismismists was set up by 3 Of 8.

The Temple of Avarlothien was set up by Jedi Jade (and Thras).

The Temple of Purple Flying Mongeese was set up by Catwoman.

A Daoist Temple that's not actually here was set up by beanfoto.

The Temple of BLEEP! was set up by Thog.

The Temple of Existentialism was set up by Existential Elevator.

The Nighthoover Shrine was set up by 2legs.

The Temple of True Bob was set up by 2legs.

The Temple of Lovesmiley - was set up by Leopardskinfynn.

The Temple of thingswithclocksinthatdontneedthem as set up by the_hanged_man.

The Temple of Dreams was founded by Where is the dreamer?

The Cathedral of Terry Pratchett was founded by Werekitty.

The Church of the Transient Fridge was founded by CMaster.

The Jedi Temple (Light Side) was founded by Jedi Apprentice.

The Temple of Black Sheep was founded by misha_franklin

The Temple of the Hourglass was founded by Sir Mort.

The Temple of Shadows was founded by His Divine Shadow.

The Path of the Cracked- Pot was set up by Stealth 'Uncle Alex' Kamanchi.

The Temple of the Earth was set up by arwen.

The Empty Temple was set up by Typolifi.

The Temple of Gaiaism was set up by Gaia smiley - .

The Sacred Silver Sheltie Temple was set up by Phoenix Ravenflame.

The Temple of Smileyism was set up by Wøñkø †hë {Îñ}§åñë.

The Temple of IDIC was set up by Atlantic_Cable.

The Temple of Slash Fanfiction was set up by Esty and Coren.

The Temple of Re-organised Dis-organised Confusion[dedicated to our lady chaos] was set up by logicus tracticus philosophicus.

Two Thai/Buddhist gods; one throwing water over the other

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