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One time offer. Only one application per Federation household. Unlimited warranty available on all starship parts.

Due to a massive resource budget1, the Utopia Planetia shipyards of Mars smiley - mars are now able to offer each Federation citizen their very own starship! Hurry for this never to be repeated opportunity.

To commission your starship, use the resourse request form below. Please try to be original. Avoid obvious ship names like Enterprise, Excelsior or Reliant. If you need help with deciding your ship class, check out: Star Trek - The Project: Ships

Ship name:
Registry number:
Ship class:

Example ship

Ship name: USS Tricolor
Registry number: NX-67523
Ship class: Prometheus
Captain: Atcab Sethur2

Ship Page

Once you have registered your ship, you can if you want, create an entry page with more detail about the ship. If you post to this forum with the entry number, I will make the appropriate link to it.

Ships In Service

This is a list of all ships currently in service:

(Ships are listed in commission order)

Ship name: USS Tricolor
Registry number: NX-67523 | NCC-67523
Ship class: Prometheus
Captain: Atcab Sethur

Ship name: Needle Gazer
Registry number: NG 1764
Ship class: AND.reverse Class
Captain: Sailor in Time

Ship name: USS Mammoth
Registry number: NCC 63549
Ship class: Akira
Captain: Kestral

Ship name: USS Erekose
Registry number: NCC 161067
Ship class: Akira
Captain: Waylander

Ship name: USS Xenithia
Registry number: NCS 14681
Ship class: Antares
Captain: M'jel Tkiran

Ship name: USS Sea-Fever
Registry number: NCC-1707
Ship class: Constitution
Captain: Capt. Tiberius Andromeda

Ship name: USS Raven
Registry number: NX-961580
Ship class: Defiant
Captain: StormCrow

Ship name: U.S.S. Americana
Registry number: NCC-101
Ship class: Intrepid
Captain: Lord Valkyrie

Ship name: Avenger
Registry number: ps-88888
Ship class: pirate ship
Captain: Jack and Starr

Ship name: USS Victorious
Registry number: NCC 65442-C
Ship class: Discovery Class

Captain: John Jones

Ship name: USS Nightshade
Registry number: NX-96068
Ship class: Sovereign
Captain: Triton Trell

Ship name: USNS Hospitality
Registry number: NCSC-159620 D
Ship class: Recovery & Medical combined
Captain: James (Jim) Akbar

Ship name: Destructor
Registry number: NXC-1598005
Ship class: Nebula Class
Captain: Max Rokatansky

Ship name: USS Event Horizon
Registry number: EX - 24777
Ship class: Experimental *CLASSIFIED*
Captain: Thanatos

Ship name: USS Derringer
Registry number: NCC-195754
Ship class: Galaxy class
Captain: Aximili

Ship name: USS Gemmell
Registry number: NCC 4115
Ship class: Legend
Captain: Tenaka Khan

Ship name: Cantbebovvered
Registry number: 1
Ship class: bigbuga
Captain: Zebulon Naphtali Twit

Ship name: USS Rose Cross
Registry number: NCC-1983
Ship class: Unknown
Captain: Timothy W Eitner

Ships No Longer In Service

Ship name: USS Katana
Registry number: NX-4502
Ship class: Yamoto
Captain: Atcab Sethur
1And the need to spend said budget before the end of the fiscal year.2This is my character name from Star Wars Episode VII- A Tie-in Saga... . I use it because it sounds better than atlantic_cable, but you can use anything you like.

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