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Shrinking Carrot?

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Omega Jones

I've just finished reading "Thud!" and, while I think it was hilarious (back on form after the iffy Going Postal and Monstrous Regiment), one thing strikes me as odd. In "Guards! Guards!" Carrot is established as a six-and-a-half foot dwarf. However, he now appears to be six foot three.

Other than that, I liked the "Da Vinci Code" spoof, and we finally get to find out what happened at Koom Valley all those years ago. Did the dwarfs ambush the trolls or did the trolls ambush the dwarfs? You'll find out now!

Oh, and as a parent I couldn't help but sympathise with Vimes when he has to rush home every evening to read to his son.

Shrinking Carrot?

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Gnomon - time to move on

I don't read any of the Pratchetts until they're out in cheap paperback. I'm just finished Going Postal, but will have to wait a year or so for Thud!

Shrinking Carrot?

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AFGNCAAP (or, by popular demand, Afgahn Cap")


I agree with Gnomon that the hardbacks are very expensive but they are sometimes worth it.

(Enters wistful nostalgic spree of boasting) When I got my copy of Thud, Terry Pratchett was doing a signing and he actually got talking with me for a whole five minutes (much to the chagrin of the people immediatley behind me), as I was the only person there below the age of 20, and was still dressed in my school uniform.

Also, he did something for me he didn't do for anyone else: he took out from some inside pocket his Unseen University stamp and stamped my book with it!!!!!!

I walked away floating.

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